Lumeta Corporation Bucks the Trend With Exceptional Sales Growth and Increased Penetration of Top Markets in 2009

February 2, 2010

SOMERSET, N.J., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ — Lumeta Corporation, the leading provider of network assurance and discovery solutions for enterprises and government agencies, reported impressive performance for fiscal year 2009. The Company achieved 128 percent bookings growth in 2009 over 2008 despite challenging macroeconomic conditions. This exceptional performance is attributable to Lumeta’s unique Network Discovery technology, implemented on several of the largest IT networks in existence, including the U.S. Department of Defense IT networks. Growth was accompanied by a corresponding increase in distribution channel activity, which now accounts for 60 percent of total sales.

IPsonar®, Lumeta’s flagship product, provides real-time global network visibility and risk measurement. IPsonar maps every asset on a network with unparalleled clarity – including unauthorized assets – providing a detailed visual representation of the connectivity between assets and networks. IPsonar highlights risks and policy violations arising from unauthorized inbound and outbound connectivity, improperly configured security devices, and network anomalies. This enables IT operations and security personnel to take timely action to ensure that network security measures accurately reflect the current state of the IT network.

The company’s solutions are currently deployed across U.S. federal government agencies, including the DoD, various U.S. intelligence agencies, and the Department of Energy. Leading commercial organizations, including 15 of the 25 largest banks, five of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies and three of the largest energy companies in the world have also implemented IPsonar on their IT networks.

“Our performance in 2009 reflected acknowledgement by the marketplace that real-time network awareness is one of the top priorities for large enterprise and government institutions going forward,” said President and Chief Executive Officer, David Hickey. “We are poised to continue delivering impressive financial operating results in 2010, based on the direction our leading-edge technology is taking, and also on the fact that we are actively engaged in helping the world’s largest organizations deal with the ever-changing nature of the today’s enterprise networks – and the challenges associated with keeping them both secure and available.”

About Lumeta Corporation

Lumeta empowers large enterprise and government agencies with global network visibility, allowing them to understand how network change affects security, availability, and compliance.

Lumeta’s IPsonar is the industry’s only network assurance solution that discovers and maps every asset on a network, including assets not currently under management. This capability enables IT professionals to analyze the connectivity between assets and networks, uncover risk patterns, and automate the enforcement of network policies.

With this level of network assurance, IT organizations can harden security, improve business continuity, and deploy new services without impacting its ability to deliver existing services.

For more information, visit the Lumeta Web site at www.lumeta.com.

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