3UK Navigates Massive Growth in Mobile Internet With OneVu(TM) From Velocent

February 11, 2010

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Feb. 11 /PRNewswire/ — The UK’s market leader in Mobile Broadband (MBB), 3UK, has been one of the first mobile network operators to experience the huge growth in MBB traffic and the effect this can have on networks.

After spending more than a year searching for the best network traffic monitoring system, MBB data network pioneers 3UK selected OneVu from Velocent.

OneVu, which is now operational on 3UK’s network, is a new system that monitors the performance of every packet, of every context, for every subscriber, providing end-to-end customer experience visibility from the perspective of the consumer.

The system processes the equivalent of more than 1,000 DVD’s worth of data on its network every hour, enabling quicker, more precise and more accurate operational performance analysis.

3UK Customer Support utilizes OneVu to resolve service quality queries faster, increasing customer satisfaction while reducing operating expenses. Network Operations also use OneVu to proactively resolve mobile network issues by isolating the worst cell site paths prioritized by those that produce the most problems for 3UK customers.

OneVu is providing 3UK with the business intelligence it needs to maintain its position as the UK’s MBB leader and take advantage of the monstrous growth in mobile Internet use.

3UK has seen first hand all the challenges many mobile operators are now starting to experience, and now has a monitoring system to identify and isolate performance issues.

Fortunately 3UK realized from an early stage that it needed greater visibility of its customers’ experience and of how its network was performing for data services.

Using OneVu means 3UK’s monitoring capabilities are now way ahead of the competition and gives it a distinct edge over the other operators in the UK market.

“OneVu is unique from any other monitoring system,” said Bruce Peterson, Velocent Founder and CEO, “because it actually utilizes the behaviours of customer’s own packets traversing through the network to measure peak throughput, mobile network congestion, and latency that affect customer experience. No other monitoring system has a state based engine that correlates and calibrates the signalling packets and user plane packets of every session to provide true customer experience visibility.”

Graham Baxter, 3UK’s CTO, said: “3 had the advantage of not spending tens of millions of pounds on old legacy call trace based monitoring systems that worked well for voice but fall down for MBB data networks.

“OneVu provides true user experience, network-wide, end-to-end indicators that make the difference in effectively and efficiently monitoring our MBB network at a fraction of the cost.”

Mr. Peterson added: “We are extremely pleased to have 3UK as our lighthouse account. The insight and operational benefits 3UK has brought to the project has made OneVu a world class product and we will always appreciate the guidance 3UK has provided.”

OneVu not only provides accessibility and retainability indicators provided by the old call trace systems, but also important user plane based integrity indicators such as per-second peak throughput, congestion event isolation and mobile network latency, to provide true customer experience visibility.

“OneVu provides the breadth of full network-wide visibility of all subscribers and all contexts for all service delivery components,” said Phil Sheppard, Director of Technical Solutions at 3UK, “and the depth of every cell path, device, subscriber, network element and APN to provide full visibility.”

OneVu is being utilized by Customer Support (contact centre and operations teams) to provide visibility to every component of every context to assist in problem determination. Customer Support utilizes dashboards that highlight any exceptions including GGSN accessibility cause codes, SIM card replacements, device changes, throughput or latency issues, and dropped sessions. Utilizing OneVu, 3UK customer support is increasing first call resolution while reducing trouble tickets open to operations engineers for problem resolution.

“Network operations utilizes OneVu,” said Sheppard, “to analyze the equivalent of over a thousand DVDs of data an hour flowing through our network and isolate worst cell paths based on throughput, congestion, and latency indicators. This has already been used to identify operational faults that were otherwise undetectable. We will also use this data to prioritize our Opex and Capex spend to improve customer experience.”

For additional information on how OneVu can help you navigate the mobile Internet surge contact Velocent at +1 630 799-3800, email sales@velocent.com or visit www.velocent.com.

About 3UK: 3UK is a communications company focused on bringing the benefits of the Internet to consumer mobile communications. 3UK gives customers the widest choice of ways to stay connected. To do this 3UK is building the UK’s best high-speed mobile broadband network. 3UK is a member of the HWL group of 3G companies, which include 3G operations in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Macau and Sweden.

About Velocent Systems: Velocent is a software company that provides monitoring systems to improve mobile broadband operator customer experience while reducing Opex and Capex. We provide end-to-end visibility of subscriber experience and their path through the network. We’ve developed a new packet processing based engine that correlates and calibrates every signalling message and user plane packet to provide true user plane visibility. Velocent is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, USA with offices in Amsterdam, London, Milan and Singapore.

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