OSM Releases V3.1 of cosbatch

February 15, 2010

WOKINGHAM, United Kingdom and SEATTLE, Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ – UK based software house, Open Systems Management Ltd. (“OSM”) today announced a new release of its popular batch job scheduling software – cosbatch. The new release offers existing and new users of cosbatch a significantly enhanced method of scheduling background processes in a mixed UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows environment.

Neil Chaney, CEO of Open Systems Management said, “This new release is the result of some two years of effort by our development team, and provides our end users with a bunch of new features, and a brand new user interface. The new release also incorporates a number of improvements in the underlying infrastructure.”

Chaney went on to say, “The driving force behind the release was OSM’s awareness that the user interfaces we were supporting needed to be updated to accommodate the move towards cloud computing and SaaS. We have therefore redeveloped the user interface from scratch using Java Swing, and now believe we have the most intuitive job scheduler in the marketplace.”

The new software incorporates a number of “under the hood” enhancements as well, including improvements that will increase reliability, security, speed and scalability. There has also been a major reworking of the Calendaring functions, so that any possible combination of dates and times can now be easily configured. Calendars may also be set for multiple time zones.

The most noticeable changes are those to the user interface however. The user interfaces in V2.4 and V2.5 of cosbatch included X Windows, curses (green screen), a native Microsoft Windows user interface and a web browser based interface. These user interfaces continue to be supported in V3.1 but OSM now offers a fully integrated GUI based on Java Swing. The new interface is mapped to a Java API which sits on top of a SOAP layer.

Chaney concluded, “The new user interface is the most noticeable feature of this release. It offers all the functionality that we have been asked to provide including resizable windows which can be anchored anywhere within the Swing framework, drag and drop capabilities, graphical calendaring, context sensitive help and online manuals. We fully expect to increase our market share as a result.”

About Open Systems Management

Open Systems Management (OSM) – a privately held company with venture capital backing, founded in 1988 and based out of Wokingham, UK; Seattle, WA, USA; and Perth in Western Australia – develops and markets low cost, high quality systems and IT operations management software for UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows systems. The software is supported worldwide out of offices in Perth, the UK and Seattle, WA, USA.

Web: www.osminc.com

    For further information, contact Neil Chaney:

    Tel. +1 206 583 8721

    Mailto: neil.chaney@osminc.com

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