Sunbelt Software Joins RPX Defensive Patent Aggregation

February 16, 2010

CLEARWATER, Fla., Feb. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Sunbelt Software, a leading provider of Windows security software, today announced that it has joined the RPX Defensive Patent Aggregation Service as a member. Through its membership agreement, Sunbelt gains license rights to all of the patents acquired by RPX for its collective constituency, limiting the risk of patent infringement litigation by non-practicing entities (NPEs).

RPX introduced its Defensive Patent Aggregation Service in late 2008 to reduce patent assertion and litigation costs initiated by NPEs – a persistent problem that costs technology companies around the world billions of dollars annually. NPEs acquire patents, as opposed to creating them through research and development, solely for the purpose of offensive licensing and litigation against operating companies. By joining the ranks of technology leaders such as Microsoft, HP, Sony and Nokia, Sunbelt becomes the newest member of RPX’s alliance – now more than 30 members strong – helping to combat patent litigation.

“RPX provides a valuable service to operating companies like ours that actually develop new technologies to introduce to the market,” said Alex Eckelberry, CEO of Sunbelt Software. “By joining other technology product vendors in this effort, we can limit nuisance suits from non-practicing entities and devote more of our resources to the creation and innovation of anti-malware services that benefit consumers and enterprises.”

Said John Amster, RPX co-CEO: “Only with more and more companies like Sunbelt joining RPX can we effectively lower NPE risk. We welcome Sunbelt to our ranks.”

About Sunbelt Software

Headquartered in Tampa Bay (Clearwater), Fla., Sunbelt Software was founded in 1994 and is a leading provider of Windows security software including enterprise antivirus, antispyware, email security, and malware analysis tools. Leading products include the VIPRE® and CounterSpy®( )product lines, Sunbelt Exchange Archiver(TM), CWSandbox(TM), and Threat Track(TM).

For more information about Sunbelt Software, please visit the company’s website at http://www.sunbeltsoftware.com. To learn more about current activities, products, and ideas at Sunbelt Software, please visit Sunbelt’s corporate blog at http://www.sunbeltblog.com. To view this release online, go to http://www.sunbeltsoftware.com/Press/Releases/?id=333

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