Major New Release of IPsonar Features Policy Validation, Advanced IT Security Integration Capabilities

February 23, 2010

SOMERSET, N.J., Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ — Lumeta Corporation, the leading provider of network assurance and discovery solutions for enterprises and government agencies, today announced the release of IPsonar® 5.0, which significantly advances the product’s policy management, reporting and analytics capabilities.

In this latest release, IPsonar allows users to set policy guidelines based on regulatory requirements or internal guidelines, and to automate the measurement of the true state of the network against those policies. IPsonar also provides real-time alerting on policy violations that break risk thresholds, even where the violation occurs on an asset or connection that was previously unmanaged or unknown, enabling a proactive approach to network security.

IPsonar also helps IT management communicate the value of their work to the business through the use of powerful new dashboards that can be configured to present the most relevant data more effectively. For instance, dashboards can be created for IT audit and regulatory preparation or for executive management reporting.

As many IT organizations face enormous pressure to cut the cost of security, IT security threats continue to evolve to be increasingly targeted to the enterprise’s most sensitive data or aimed at disrupting the ability of the enterprise to conduct business. IPsonar 5.0′s breakthrough Network Discovery leverages patented Network Leak Discovery capabilities to provide an automated means for IT organizations to measure the true state of the network against IT policy, analyzing gaps in defenses before they are exploited.

Leveraging Lumeta IPsonar’s award winning visual analytics pioneered with the Internet Mapping Project, IPsonar 5.0 now provides users the ability to seamlessly integrate and analyze data from the entire IT and Security lifecycle. Now, users can define custom attributes to be integrated. This integrated data can then be leveraged throughout IPsonar’s network discovery reporting and network mapping engines.

IPsonar 5.0 allows users to integrate two different types of data from IT and Security lifecycle products:

  • Constant Attributes, such as device ownership or name attributes stored in IT Asset Management repositories, which makes IPsonar’s analyses easier to understand and more actionable; and
  • Variable Attributes which represent changing data from other security systems. For example, IT management can isolate the path of a worm infection on a network by comparing data from a host vulnerability management solution on which systems were running virus scanners against an IPsonar analysis of known vs. unknown devices.

“Because of the kinds of threats we face today, IT security organizations need to move beyond security for the sake of compliance and into a more mature security approach that incorporates the principals of operational excellence,” said Lumeta Chief Operating Officer, Michael Markulec. “But to do so, IT operations and security teams need to start with a common view of their infrastructure. Our latest release of IPsonar provides a common view and empowers IT professionals to establish a robust network security policy knowing that they will be able to monitor and enforce compliance effectively.”

Lumeta IPsonar’s network discovery provides an automated means to aggregate and associate real-time network security information for a holistic, comprehensive and measurable approach to IT security. IPsonar provides global network visibility and risk measurement for some of the largest IT networks in existence, including those of the U.S. Department of Defense and 15 of the 25 largest banks in the world. The system maps every asset in the enterprise, including unauthorized assets, with unparalleled clarity, providing a detailed visual representation of the connectivity between assets and networks.

About Lumeta Corporation

Lumeta empowers large enterprise and government agencies with global network visibility, allowing them to understand how network change affects security, availability, and compliance.

Lumeta’s IPsonar is the industry’s only network assurance solution that discovers and maps every asset on a network, including assets not currently under management. This capability enables IT professionals to analyze the connectivity between assets and networks, uncover risk patterns, and automate the enforcement of network policies.

With this level of network assurance, IT organizations can harden security, improve business continuity, and deploy new services without impacting its ability to deliver existing services.

For more information, visit the Lumeta Web site at www.lumeta.com.

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