February 27, 2010

Apple Rumored To Bring Back Sexually Explicit Apps

It is rumored that Apple is planning to add a new category to its iPhone's App Store for overtly sexual applications, according to a recent report from the Telegraph UK.

Developers have reported seeing a new category appearing in the drop-down menus of iTunes Connect.  The App Store is where iPhone users are able to go to download applications for their phones.

Apple has yet to comment on the rumors, nor has it confirmed whether or not it will be adding an explicit category to the App Store.  Although some developers have reported that this category has already been removed.

Gizmodo, a technology website, reported that one developer was told by an Apple representative that although Apple was "thinking about" adding an explicit category to the store, "it's not going to happen any time soon."

In the recent past Apple removed 5,000 applications from the App Store due to their "overtly sexual" content. 

Phil Schiller, a senior executive at Apple, said that context and reputation was the deciding factor in determining which apps were removed and which were allowed. 

Developers were left confused when seemingly innocuous titles, like Simply Beach, a swimwear shopping app, were deleted from the App Store, yet apps from Playboy and Sports Illustrated remained on sale.

"The difference is this (Sports Illustrated) is a well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format," Schiller said.

The Simply Beach app has now been reinstated, but developers still ask serious questions about Apple's approval policy, and the reasons for its sudden change of heart.

Experts say that Apple has sought to "clean up" the App Store ahead of the launch of the iPad.


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