Data Age and Watch Certification Services of America Announce Integrated Services

March 2, 2010

LARGO, Fla., March 2 /PRNewswire/Data Age Business System, Inc. (Data Age) and Watch Certification Services of America (WCSA) announce the immediate availability of an integrated solution that enables pawnshop operators to verify the authenticity of watches and to identify fraudulent or stolen serial numbers from a central database. The new service is integrated within Data Age’s PawnMaster pawn management software. PawnMaster is the most widely used system in the industry with over 1,800 customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

According to Victor Guzman, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Data Age, “WCSA’s Authenticator Pro web based software easily authenticates modern Rolex watches and empowers pawnbrokers with a knowledgebase that is continuously growing. In turn, this simplifies buying, selling and trading. WCSA’s Counterfeit Busters database can result in substantial savings to pawnbrokers by preventing them from dealing in stolen or counterfeit items.” Mr. Guzman goes on to explain how “the new integration offers pawnbrokers using PawnMaster access to an impressive database containing over 40,000 reported known counterfeit watches, 10,000 bits of factual Rolex data, over 36,000 watch values, and 4,000 images of Rolex watches amongst other watches within seconds. With all systems designed to interface with little or no watch experience necessary.”

Martin Bruno, Vice President of WCSA applauded Data Age, “With PawnMaster being the most widely used pawn management software in the industry, WCSA felt it strategically imperative to align ourselves with a product that has been consistently proven and accepted as top notch. In dealing with Data Age, we see why they have succeeded in building a highly sought after product. Data Age takes the initiative to bring value to its clients and they showed no trepidation in investing resources towards presenting the pawn industry with a service that is a must-have for any pawnbroker dealing with watches.”

About Watch Certification Services of America

Watch Certification Services of America (WCSA) provides a robust line of services that assist pawnbrokers, jewelers, other retailers with risk mitigating solutions for dealing with luxury watches. WCSA is the manufacturer of Authenticator Pro for Rolex(TM) and Counterfeit Buster products that offer guidance for luxury watch buyers, tips on identifying fakes, a library of watch nomenclature, images, current retail pricing, live up-to-date watch values, tracking alerts on counterfeits, and interactive training for store staff.

About Data Age

Data Age Business Systems is a leading provider of Financial Transaction Software Solutions designed to help businesses improve profitability, comply with regulatory environments and to implement controls that facilitate decision making, diversification and growth. Data Age is the developer and marketer of PawnMaster®, CheckMaster®, AdvanceMaster®, LiquorTraks(TM), RetailTraks(TM), Buy/Sell Plus(TM) and Title Loan(TM) software. In addition, the company provides Credit Card Merchant Processing and Digi-Shield off-site Data Storage services.

For further information, contact Corporate Communications at 727-582-9100 x103, www.dataage.com.

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