Mu Dynamics Introduces xtractr, a Collaborative Cloud Application for Network Troubleshooting, Problem Isolation, and Forensics

March 8, 2010

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 8 /PRNewswire/ — Mu Dynamics, Inc. (www.mudynamics.com), the leader in IP services testing, today announced xtractr, a collaborative cloud application that addresses a huge challenge for network engineers and testers – providing them with the ability to index, search, extract, and report on packet captures up to 250MB in size. This dramatically decreases the multi-week, tedious and fragmented effort for isolating network problems, troubleshooting performance issues and conducting network forensics that many engineers and testers suffer through everyday.

xtractr is the latest tool available to all community members of pcapr, a crowd-sourced packet capture repository – the largest in the world with more than 55 million packets, over 400 protocols and 2,700 users. pcapr provides a simple way for members to share and access network packets in order to test their IP services.

“Mu Dynamics has been providing us with testing solutions that are an integral part of our product development lifecycle. We are delighted by the level of innovation introduced with xtractr,” said Patrick Jenny, vice-president of product development at F5 Networks. “We see numerous use-cases where xtractr will be instrumental in helping us more quickly troubleshoot problems, isolate field issues and reproduce them in a lab environment.”

xtractr enables network engineers and testers to take huge packet captures and classify them into smaller parts, while sharing their troubleshooting queries with the xtractr community. This allows xtractr users to leverage the collective knowledge of the community. xtractr runs the application logic and presentation layer over the cloud to the local browser, while keeping the packet data on the user’s workstation, thus preserving privacy and security.

The three common use-cases for xtractr include:

  • Network Troubleshooting – xtractr enables engineers to troubleshoot network issues by classifying massive pcaps, and extracting key flows from that data to create a concise report of the underlying issue.
  • Network Problem Isolation and Field Resolution – xtractr enables engineers and testers to quickly troubleshoot and isolate field issues.
  • Network Forensics – xtractr simplifies the network forensics process by pulling relevant data packets from massive packet captures, enabling engineers to create reports quickly and easily.

“With the introduction of xtractr for pcapr, Mu is reaffirming its role as a catalyst for innovation within the IP services testing community,” stated Kowsik Guruswamy, CTO at Mu Dynamics. “Our unique approach to IP services testing allows customers to unleash the power of their packets and turn them into test assets. Since the pcapr launch last year, we have witnessed enormous growth within the community and it has become the ideal venue for testers to collaborate around IP services testing. Mu Dynamics is committed to continuing to offer new and innovative solutions that enable our customers and the IP services community as a whole to accelerate their testing efforts.”

xtractr is downloadable to any registered pcapr member. To learn more about xtractr, www.pcapr.net and Mu Dynamics, please visit http://www.mudynamics.com/index.php?id=1684

About Mu Dynamics:

Mu Dynamics’ testing solution offers a more than 10-fold effectiveness gain in IP services testing with better time to market, lower cost and higher quality. The award-winning Mu solution is deployed at over 100 locations, primarily at leading global service providers, government agencies, and product vendors. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., more information on Mu’s products, customers and solutions are online at http://www.mudynamics.com.

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