March 12, 2010

Samsung Unveils 3-D Television

Samsung Electronics unveiled the world's first 3-D TV technology on Wednesday, with intentions to revolutionize the home viewing experience.

The South Korean company announced the launch of a broad lineup of new TVs at a ceremony in New York's Time Warner Center.  The first of the models will be a 46-inch and 55-inch version and will feature an LED-lit 3-D picture with incredible depth and perfect clarity.

Viewers will need to wear electronic glasses that open and close rapidly in time with images designed for the right and left eye. 

Samsung announced the expansion along with DreamWorks Animation to help speed up the worldwide deployment of in-home 3-D to mainstream consumers.

Experts believe the growth of 3-D has been slow due to the lack of programming, the need to wear special glasses, and the higher price of 3-D sets. 

"3-D is more than just a groundbreaking technology - it's the future of television, and we are committed to bringing this total viewing experience to consumers everywhere with the best picture quality in 3-D content possible," said Yoon Boo-Keun, president of Visual Display Business Unit at Samsung Electronics.

Hip-hop group The Black Eye Peas were at the unveiling to help promote Samsung's new 3-D TV technology.

"This is going to enrich how you view sports, movies and TV at home," rapper Will.i.am told reporters.

Donald Trump and James Cameron, the creator of the 3-D movie "Avatar," were also present at the launch ceremony.

Samsung officials estimate that they will sell about two million 3-D TV sets this year across the world.  Prices will range from about $2,000 for 40-inch models to $7,000 for 55-inch LED models.

Sony, a rival to Samsung, announced on Tuesday that it plans to start selling 3-D TV sets in Japan in June.

Sony said its first 3-D LCD TV models would hit Japan on June 10 at about $3,535 for a 46-inch.

Panasonic Corp. also has plans to soon unveil its version of 3-D technology.


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