March 14, 2010

Iran Makes Cyber Ring Arrests Linked To US

30 people believed to be part of a U.S.-linked cyber network gathering information on Iranian nuclear scientists were arrested by the Iranian government, according to a report released by a news agency this weekend.

The report said the group sought to recruit people over the Internet for training in Iraq with the People's Mujahideen Organization, an exile group which launched attacks on the Islamic Republic from Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in command.

"Thirty people were arrested in connection with an organized American cyber war network via a series of complex security measures in the field of information technology and communications," the Fars news agency said.

The court said one member of the group was linked to an outlawed sect -- the Baha'i religious minority, according to the news agency.

"Among the charges against this network are creating an intelligence gathering network, including identification of the country's nuclear scientists and staging illegal demonstrations and encouraging the public to take part in them after the presidential elections," the agency said.

Iran is locked in turmoil with Western countries who fear its nuclear energy program is a cover up for building nuclear weapons. The U.S. government and allies have condemned Iran for its failure to comply with the opposition.