America’s Math Teacher to the Rescue!

March 18, 2010

LOS GATOS, Calif., March 18 /PRNewswire/ — According to the President’s National Math Advisory Panel, only three out of every 10 American kids are proficient in math, and by grade twelve, it is only two out of 10. Even worse, over 70% of our colleges have found it necessary to offer remedial math classes.

The panel states that algebra is the gateway subject which will enable students to take more advanced math, science, and technical classes. They have concluded that all students very early on need to study and master an essential cluster of basic skills referred to as the critical foundations of algebra. Failure in having done so is the reason for the huge drop in our kids’ upper elementary and middle grades math proficiency. On the upside, statistics also show that students who complete Algebra II double their chances of graduating from college. It is also important to note that in the future, 3 of every 4 new jobs will require strong math and science skills.

This is where award-winning math teacher Rick Fisher decided to step in. He has developed an innovative website, AmericasMathTeacher.com that provides online video tutorials along with fun, easy-to-use worksheets. Importantly, parents and teachers can rest assured that the website teaches the exact topics recommended by the National Math Advisory Panel. Students will master the basics, move through specific Pre-Algebra Concepts, and finally will be carefully guided through Algebra.

Essentially, a student has a personal math tutor available 24/7 every day of the year. Fisher makes each topic simple and easy to understand. Students will learn lots of math and have fun while they are doing it. While private tutoring can be very expensive, AmericasMathTeacher.com is very affordable.

Classroom teachers are finding this dynamic system an excellent addition to their math programs. The site is also perfect for afterschool and intervention programs as well as summer school. One sixth-grade teacher says, “While my students are working through the video with Mr. Fisher, and completing the downloadable worksheets, it’s easy for me to just circulate and monitor their progress. My kids love it! They actually look forward to math! And I know that they are learning the skills necessary for success in algebra and beyond. I can’t believe the confidence and improvement in skills that I have seen.”

Educators will be pleased that the content included in AmericasMathTeacher.com is aligned with NCTM Standards.

AmericasMathTeacher.com has also gotten rave reviews from home schoolers. One home school parent wrote, “We have bought any number of CDs and DVDs to assist in teaching and enriching my daughter’s experience in math. Sadly, most fell far short of their advertised goals and ended, unused, in the trash — a waste of time and money. Then we discovered AmericasMathTeacher.com. Yippee! Finally a terrific educational tool that does exactly what it says it will do. My daughter and I both love the video format — no distracting music or flashy graphics, just clear, step-by-step solid instruction. The written exercises provide her with plenty of practice. Using this system is like sitting quietly with a private tutor. We use it daily and can’t thank you enough.”

AmericasMathTeacher.com will soon be available in a Spanish version. High School Geometry and Algebra II courses will both soon be offered. There are discounts for schools and home school groups.

For more information, visit http://AmericasMathTeacher.com

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