Voxofon Launches One-of-a-Kind Software That Makes Smartphones Safe for Children

March 21, 2010

PALM DESERT, Calif., March 22 /PRNewswire/ — Voxofon, a leading provider of Mobile VoIP applications for smartphones, has introduced Voxofon Ambit at the DEMO Spring 2010 conference in Palm Desert. Ambit is essentially an eco-system that is planted on a smart device and can include any functionality according to the parents’ needs and preferences.

Ambit is a mobile-based family-oriented communication software that combines a beginner social media program with parental control. It includes an application for the child’s phone, a web control panel for parents, and an application for parents’ phones. Parents who use the software can ensure their children are not exposed to the potential dangers of the smartphones’ open window to the world. It allows parents to do the following:

  • Limit access to applications and features
  • Monitor the time and place that phone is used
  • Have dynamic and remote control of the child’s smartphone from their own smartphone in real time
  • Protect children from inappropriate contacts
  • Know where children are at all times
  • Stay in touch during busy workdays

Ambit has much to offer for children as well as their parents. With the touch of a button, kids can communicate with close friends and family on the phone or with its social media functions. Children can share photos, post updates and enjoy many other smartphone features that you are able to incorporate onto their phone.

“For most parents, giving their child a smartphone and knowing that he or she has access to every single feature, program and application at any given time is very unsettling. There are many things in the world that are completely unsuitable for children to see,” says Voxofon COO Julia Goloshubina. “But with Ambit, you can control your child’s access to the phone’s features, functions and applications according to your own preferences and the child’s age and maturity. Plus, you can feel secure knowing who your children are talking to and exactly where they are at all times. ”

The first version of Ambit is designed for phones on the Android platform, but all smartphones will eventually be able to access this application.

Voxofon chose the DEMO conference as the venue to launch their product as it is the world-renowned launch platform for some of the most notable emerging technologies introduced over the past two decades. Matt Marshall, Executive Producer of DEMO, said, “As the use of smartphones greatly increases among people in all age groups, there becomes a great need for parental control programs that can be easily installed on these devices. Voxofon’s Ambit is unique in that it incorporates a variety of fun yet security-oriented features into one product, and that’s why it will appeal to both children and their parents.”

Voxofon LLC is based in Houston, Texas. For more information about Voxofon Ambit, go to www.voxofon.com.

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