Saffron Technology Announces Sense-Making and Decision Support Solutions for Saffron 8

March 23, 2010

CARY, N.C., March 23 /PRNewswire/ — Saffron Technology, Inc., a privately held software firm providing Experience Management solutions for business and government, today introduced Saffron REST APIs for Reasoning Methods, five new query and application development solutions for Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform Version 8.0 (Saffron 8).

Saffron 8, which includes SaffronMemoryBase, SaffronAnalyst and Saffron REST APIs, is the latest version of the company’s market-leading associative memory solution for Experience Management and streaming data analytics. Saffron REST APIs for Reasoning Methods provide immediate use of the business value inside SaffronMemoryBase, enabling better sense-making and decision support applications.

“When making decisions, people draw on their experience, and reason their way to an answer. They search their memories for similarities, patterns or trends, to find connections. By applying Natural Intelligence to your data, Saffron REST APIs work much the same way: they literally reason, by applying the Experience in your data toward solving your most critical problems,” said Manny Aparicio, CEO and Founder of Saffron Technology.

Saffron’s powerful, simple, flexible and comprehensive REST API’s include administration and application APIs, as well as ingestion and query APIs. Saffron APIs perform a broad range of applied reasoning functions to rapidly deliver everything from low-level data extraction to high-level trends analysis, and much more.

Some of the Reasoning Methods for accessing and applying the Experience in your data using SaffronMemoryBase include:

  • Reasoning by Analogies — Finding what is similar
  • Reasoning by Connections — Knowing what is related
  • Reasoning by Networks — Seeing how things are connected
  • Reasoning by Classifications — Deciding how and where things fit
  • Reasoning by Temporal Analysis — Tracking associated events and trends

These and other partner-developed REST APIs are available with Saffron 8. Plus, with Saffron 8 it is easy to invent new analysis methods, and new ways of applying the Experience in your data toward solving today’s growing data analytics challenges.

For more information about Saffron REST APIs, visit us at www.saffrontech.com, or sign up for SaffronSierra, our global developer community.

About Saffron Technology

Saffron helps business and IT leaders use the collective Experience hidden in their data to better understand business scenarios, determine best possible courses of action, and make higher value decisions about critical business issues. Our customers are innovators, in academia, corporations and government. They are engaged in high-stakes research, financial analysis, risk management, supply chain operations, national security, health care, social media & marketing, and more.

Biologically inspired, the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform is a revolutionary approach to data analysis. SaffronMemoryBase understands and recalls the co-occurrences and the frequencies of entity associations in varied, massive data sets at unprecedented recall speed. SaffronSierra is a developer-focused Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for working with the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform, including SaffronMemoryBase and related offerings. www.saffrontech.com

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