Courion Announces Market Leading Content-Aware Identity and Access Management Solution Leveraging Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10

March 24, 2010

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., March 24 /PRNewswire/ — Courion® Corporation, leaders in access governance, provisioning and compliance, today announced the integration of its Access Assurance Suite 8.0 with Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10 to create the industry’s most comprehensive content-aware identity and access management (IAM) solution. Until now, data loss prevention (DLP) and IAM solutions have worked as complementary, but separate systems. The integration of Courion’s Access Assurance Suite and Symantec Data Loss Prevention will enable organizations to not only discover sensitive data, but also who has access to it and if that access is appropriate. The combination provides an accurate picture of end-to-end data security and compliance.

DLP augments IAM by extending the capabilities of an IAM solution to become “aware” of the content contained within the data stores that it protects. The power of combining Symantec DLP technology and Courion’s Access Assurance solution is that organizations now have a single system through which they can discover, monitor and protect confidential data wherever it is stored, while simultaneously and automatically enforcing the organization’s security policies to guarantee that the right individuals — and only the right individuals — have the right access to that data. Doing so allows IT and security managers to apply unified detective and preventive controls to better prevent data breaches and provide the richest set of remediation including encryption, quarantining, and modifying user access to the data.

“By partnering with Symantec, a recognized leader in DLP , we’re bringing a truly advanced data security capability to our customers, allowing them to not only identify where their confidential data resides, but also who has access to it and how it’s being used,” said Kurt Johnson, vice president of corporate development and strategy for Courion. “As enterprises face increasingly stringent compliance regulations, and increasingly serious security threats, this solution represents a huge step forward in the ability to monitor and secure sensitive information.”

The integrated solution will:

  • Improve security by ensuring that individuals have only the appropriate and intended level of access to data;
  • Reduce risk by providing the identity context organizations require to implement the most appropriate remediation policy;
  • Streamline business by allowing managers to quickly and easily approve exceptions or modify alert levels where appropriate; and
  • Improve productivity by highlighting sensitive data alerts that represent the highest level of risk to the organization.

“DLP provides a dynamic classification of data which supports a consistent, policy-driven approach to the IAM process,” said Paul Proctor, a vice president, distinguished analyst, and the role service director for security and risk management at Gartner, Inc. “This ensures that policy is applied in a consistent manner, and that assets managed under IAM are appropriately configured to meet the stated policy.”

Combining DLP and IAM makes it possible for IT managers to make more intelligent decisions concerning the appropriate response to a DLP incident, by enabling them to more easily determine the level of risk associated with a specific alert. It allows managers to determine the most appropriate remediation strategy, based not only on what kind of data has been found, but on who has access to it, and whether those access rights are appropriate.

“Identity has become a critical element to data loss prevention in the mission to protect sensitive data,” said Rich Dandliker, director of product management, Symantec. “Once sensitive data is discovered, integrating with an identity and access management solution, such as Courion’s Access Assurance, provides added intelligence to take appropriate actions quickly and effectively that reduce the risk of data breaches.”

Courion’s unique Access Assurance approach to identity, access and compliance management ensures that only the right people have the right access to the right resources and are doing the right things. Access Assurance unifies Access Governance, Access Provisioning and Access Compliance in the most complex, heterogeneous environments. This comprehensive approach increases operational efficiency and transparency, strengthens security, and improves compliance, while delivering the industry’s fastest time to value and lowest total cost of ownership.

About Courion

Courion’s award-winning Access Assurance solutions are used by more than 400 organizations and over nine million users worldwide to quickly and easily solve their most complex identity and access management (password management, provisioning, and role management), risk and compliance challenges. Courion’s business-driven approach results in unparalleled customer success by ensuring users’ access rights and activities are compliant with policy while supporting both security and business objectives. For more information, please visit our website at www.courion.com, our blog at blog.courion.com/, or on Twitter at twitter.com/Courion.

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