April 2, 2010

Sharp Reveals New 3D LCD Touch Screen

Sharp has unveiled a new, three-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) touch screen that can display 3D without the use of glasses, according to various media reports Friday.

The Japanese electronics giant unveiled the LCD screens on April 2, demonstrating the technology using a 3D photo album and a three-dimensional video camera. The displays are being specially designed for mobile devices, including cell phones, portable video game systems, and digital cameras.

According to Associated Press (AP) business writer Yuri Kageyama, "The 3-D animation on the handheld screen looked like a miniature version of the 3-D animation we are used to seeing on larger TV screens, though images were less convincing than those seen in a darkened cinema."

"Photos on the touch screen were less clear and even a bit blurry from certain angles, though Sharp said its latest technology does away with such 'ghosting' effects," the AP reporter added. "Still, the system promises gaming and technology fans the potential for pop-up e-mail messages and taking 3-D photos of friends."

While officials at Sharp refused to discuss specific clients for or uses of the new technology, many are speculating that one of the first devices to take advantage of the portable 3D LCD screen will be Nintendo's forthcoming three-dimensional handheld gaming device, tentatively titled the 3DS.

Last month, officials from Nintendo of Japan confirmed that the gaming giant was working on a successor to their DSi unit that would allow game players to see 3D effects without glasses. More information is expected to be unveiled about the handheld system during this summer's E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it is expected to go on sale by March 2011.


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