MindArk’s Virtual World Platform Sees First Independent Partner Launch

April 7, 2010

GOTEBORG, Sweden, April 7 /PRNewswire/ — MindArk PE AB, developer of the Entropia Platform and publisher of Entropia Universe, announced today the launch of the first independently developed virtual planet in Entropia Universe. “Rocktropia” is a themed adventure world for music fans, developed by NEVERDIE Studios of Los Angeles using the Entropia Platform.

Jan Welter Timkrans, founder and CEO of MindArk comments, “The Entropia Platform is the result of several years’ work that has enhanced MindArk’s business model, organization and technology. Its flexibility supports differentiated ranges of use from MMOG environments to social virtual worlds and three dimensional simulation environments, providing them with full access to a real money economic system, high quality graphics and online entertainment features. We are delighted to welcome Rocktropia to the virtual universe and look forward to a range of other planets coming online soon. It’s a great beginning, but it’s just the beginning.”

David Simmonds, Director of Business Development at MindArk continues, “Our solution offers full avatar portability between independently developed virtual environments. This allows users to easily transfer their avatars, as well as their digital assets, between separate vendors. A single Entropia Universe account provides access without the need for multiple login accounts, and provides the highest level of security for users and service providers alike.”

Entropia Universe boasts a high ARPU (average revenue per user) and points the way to a profitable turn key solution for entry into the 3D Internet via revenue share, for organizations which have been impacted by the shifting media landscape. Planet Calypso, the first planet in Entropia Universe, has been online since 2003, became profitable in 2004 and had an economic turnover of 422M USD in 2009. Entropia Universe is a virtual universe for entertainment, social interaction and e-commerce. It is available for free without subscription fees.

About MindArk

Sweden-based company MindArk is the developer of the Entropia Platform and publisher of Entropia Universe. The platform offers access to one of the most advanced Internet interaction solutions available today, giving MindArk´s partners the opportunity to create entirely new planets in Entropia Universe. Current partner productions include shopping, games, music and art. MindArk is the only company which backs their virtual currency at a guaranteed exchange rate of 10 PED to 1 USD.

For more information about MindArk PE AB visit www.mindark.com; for more information on the Entropia Platform visit www.entropiaplatform.com; for more information about Entropia Universe visit www.entropiauniverse.com

About NEVERDIE Studios

NEVERDIE Studios was founded in 2008. Located in the historic El Capitan Theatre building in the heart of Hollywood, the studio specializes in production of audio, visual and 3D assets for virtual worlds. Rocktropia includes destinations like “Motorhead Stadium”, “Lemmy Kilmister’s Castle”, Kevin Rudolf’s nightmarish “Zomhattan” and the capital of pop culture “The City of Dreams”.

For more information about NEVERDIE Studios visit www.neverdiestudio.com for more information about Rocktropia visit www.rocktropia.com


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