April 8, 2010

News Corp Plans To Limit Online News Access

Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of News Corporation has announced plans to limit online access to his newspapers and create a subscription-based content infrastructure.

In an interview with Marvin Kalb of The Kalb Report, Murdoch stated that he was going to limit websites like Google and Microsoft to a "headline or a sentence or two" as he moves to lock down News Corp. publications behind a pay access wall.

"You'll find, I think, most newspapers in this country are going to be putting up a pay wall," he told Kalb during the April 6 broadcast. "Now how high does it go, does it allow (visitors) to have the first couple paragraphs or certain feature articles, we'll see. We're experimenting with it ourselves."

"We're going to stop people like Google and Microsoft and whoever from taking our stories for nothing," the News Corp. chairman continued, adding that search engines have been earning advertising dollars through newspaper created content and that he believed "they ought to stop it"¦ newspapers ought to stand up and make them do their own reporting or whatever."

Murdoch also told Kalb that he did not expect search engines to pay for newspaper content, but provide a brief blurb about the article and include a link to a subscription form.

Furthermore, when questioned by Kalb regarding the issue of whether Internet users would pay for access to news that has been cost-free for so long, Murdoch responded, "I think when they've got nowhere else to go they'll start paying."


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