Saffron Technology Launches Open-Source Demo App for Developers

April 15, 2010

CARY, N.C., April 15 /PRNewswire/ — Saffron Technology, Inc., a privately held software firm providing Experience Management solutions for business and government, today launched TweetDive (www.tweetdive.com), an open-source demonstration application that illustrates the power of associative memory technology for streaming data analytics, using the world of Twitter as a live data source.

TweetDive showcases Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform Version 8 (Saffron 8), including SaffronMemoryBase(TM) and Saffron REST APIs, by showing users and developers how the underlying associative memory technology works, and what it can do. TweetDive enables users to see precisely how queries are formed (i.e., how you interact with the API), and how connections, analogies, trends and classifications are made by memories of the data.

“Twitter is nonstop commentary on what’s happening in the world, and Saffron delivers nonstop data analytics,” said Manny Aparicio, CEO and founder of Saffron Technology. “Tweets comprise ‘worlds of Experience’ about a given topic — money, Haiti, health care, or business intelligence, for example. With TweetDive we are showing how Saffron 8 represents data, and how it can be used to make sense of data. We invite all developers to come innovate with Saffron at www.tweetdive.com.”

Open-Source Code

Saffron is open-sourcing the code for TweetDive so developers can get a quick start, and see how easy it is to ingest data into Saffron 8 and apply the Experience hidden in their data to make better, faster decisions. Visit www.tweetdive.com, or join SaffronSierra, Saffron’s new global developer community. Saffron is offering developers 80 free hours on SaffronSierra, and after that pay-as-you-go pricing. To get started on SaffronSierra, simply request an invite code, select a plan and signup, or contact Saffron toll free at 866-472-3376.

About Saffron Technology

Saffron helps business and IT leaders use the collective Experience hidden in their data to better understand business scenarios, determine best possible courses of action, and make higher value decisions about critical business issues. Our customers are innovators, in academia, corporations and government. They are engaged in high-stakes research, financial analysis, risk management, supply chain operations, national security, health care, social media & marketing, and more. SaffronSierra is a developer-focused Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for working with the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform, including SaffronMemoryBase and related offerings. To learn more, visit www.saffrontech.com.

Saffron Technology. The World of Experience.(TM)

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