April 16, 2010

MySpace Unveils News ‘Events’ Feature

Music-oriented MySpace social network launched a new "Events" feature on Thursday that allows members of the online community to connect to real-world fun such as sporting events, comedy shows, and concerts.

MySpace is accessing the interests and talents of its users to provide calendars of events and then streamline ways to buy tickets for the venues.

MySpace co-founder Jason Hirschhorn, in a release, said: "Our users already post millions of events to MySpace each year and the events platform is the next step in enabling them to discover, create, and socialize around the events that are most relevant to them."

Although overshadowed by the social networking giant Facebook, MySpace boasts being one of the highest trafficked music websites.

The "Events" feature incorporates technology from the popular online music service iLike. The service was bought last year by MySpace in a deal valued at an estimated 20 million dollars.

The calendar of events feature will let users buy concert tickets through profile pages of artists. MySpace will also sell specially formatted ads that will be displayed in calendar pages.

The goal of the social network is to create a destination for users to manage their entire social calendar online, according to MySpace director of events Marcus Womack.

"We are providing artists with advanced tools to help connect with fans and promote their shows while conversely enabling fans to quickly and easily discover, share and purchase tickets to those shows," Womack stated.


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