New Cutting-edge AMERICAN IVONA Voices Already Available to Virtual Service Providers!

April 22, 2010

GDYNIA, Poland, April 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — At http://www.ivona.com,
the IVO Software company has presented new IVONA Text-to-Speech voices
speaking American English – Kendra and Joey. The new voices are already
winning over the world – they make it possible to listen to spoken emails on
the leading international e-mail marketing platform.

The Email to Speech service launched by the Implix company – the e-mail
marketing leader, uses the top-notch IVONA Text-to-Speech solution, and more
specifically, the innovative IVONA Software as a Service. IVONA SaaS provides
companies with the opportunity of simple and cost-free application of
speech-synthesis to own products and services with the use of human-quality
voices. IVONA SaaS will allow development of innovative services, making it
possible to listen to, for example, emails, virtual greeting cards or the
correct pronunciation of English terms and phrases in speaking dictionaries.

The latter service, based on IVONA SaaS: Email to Speech, supports the
GetResponse professional e-mail marketing platform. The Email to Speech
service has been made accessible to 130,000 small and medium enterprises,
active users of the GetResponse platform.

In practice, a recipient of an email can see it, read it and listen to
its contents. This gives a natural and human touch to the message sent via
Email to Speech, making it more attractive and giving it stronger power of

“Email to Speech is a very interesting example of converting written to
spoken content aimed at a larger group of recipients. We are glad that this
process is supported by the worldwide acclaimed IVONA Text-to-Speech,” says

Lukasz Osowski, CEO of IVO Software.

The new cutting-edge American IVONA voices – Kendra and Joey, are
available at http://www.ivona.com not only with IVONA SaaS, but also with the
following services:

    - IVONA WebReader - allowing organizations and companies to
      simply and automatically take their websites from page to ear, making
      them more attractive and accessible,

    - IVONA Recording - allowing cost-effective and immediate
      production of professional voice-over recordings directly from the
      http://www.ivona.com website.

    - IVONA Text-to-Speech is available in American English with
      four voices (Eric, Jennifer, Joey, Kendra) and in British English with
      two voices (Amy, Brian).

More information on IVO Software

IVONA Text-to-Speech, one of the best TTS systems in the world, has been
created and developed by the IVO Software Company. Its high standing has been
confirmed by numerous distinctions and awards, such as the main prize at the
prestigious international Blizzard Challenge contest in 2006, 2007 and 2009,
where the voice generated by IVONA Text-to-Speech was recognized as the
closest to human. IVONA Text-to-Speech is available in 4 languages, 11
distinctive voices. IVO Software develops specialty IVONA TTS versions
applicable in business, telecommunications, mobile devices, everyday life as
well as rehabilitation of the blind and visually impaired.

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SOURCE IVONA Text-To-Speech, www.ivona.com

Source: newswire

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