April 25, 2010

Barnes & Noble Fights Back Against The iPad

Barnes & Noble announced recently that it has added Web surfing and games to its electronic book reader device to fight back against Apple's new iPad tablet computer.

The company aqlso updated its Nook with features like allowing users to browse complete works instead of just getting summaries of the content of digital books they are considering buying.

The new software update includes "new games and many other entertaining features to continue to deliver on our promise to make Nook the most fun, easy-to-use e-book reader," said Tony Astarita, vice president of digital products at the bookseller's website.

Also announced, Amazon will make its Kindle e-book reader available at Target later this year.  This deal will be the first time the device is available anywhere other than the Amazon.com website.

The moves come just three weeks after Apple launched its iPad, which has already sold over 500,000 of the devices.

According to analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group in Silicon Valley, indications are that Amazon is hard at work on the next-generation Kindle to battle the iPad.

"Apple has set the bar pretty high for this kind of device and if these guys are going to compete, they have to close the performance gap," Enderle told AFP.

"If the rumors I'm hearing are right, the Amazon guys are going to do something amazing. You are going to see a pretty radical refresh in time for Christmas."


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