Kindling Debuts Enterprise-Class Features at the Front End of Innovation (FEI US) Conference

May 4, 2010

NEW YORK and BOSTON, May 4 /PRNewswire/ — Front End of Innovation US (Booth #25) — Arc90, Inc., a leading provider of business technology tools and strategic consulting services, today announced the launch of the new version of Kindling, their flagship product, to drive unparallel collaboration throughout the enterprise. Integrating with Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook for enhanced communication, Kindling brings a new level of dialogue within enterprise environments. Committed to capturing ideas that occur outside of the office, Kindling Mobile, a new wireless platform, offers users a fast and easy-to-use solution that can be accessed from all Smartphone Web browsers. In addition to new capabilities with other platforms, Kindling now offers idea evolution and decision-maker workflow features to drive innovation through a refined user interface of the product.

“The core focus of Kindling is to enable innovation through collaboration to help good ideas become great ones,” said Richard Ziade, President, Arc90. “As organizations look to their employees to identify opportunities for innovation, Kindling allows users to stay informed of the ideas and topics that are meaningful to them through Outlook and SharePoint, two of the most dominate systems in today’s enterprise environment. To further innovation, Kindling Mobile offers a fast way for employees to collaborate on ideas wherever they are.”

Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint Integration

With expanded integration with Outlook and SharePoint, users can now engage more actively with Kindling from strongly used applications within the enterprise. To drive enhanced collaboration, SharePoint administrators can configure Kindling’s Web Part to integrate customized views and lists of ideas throughout SharePoint. With Kindling’s integrated federated search, SharePoint users can find relevant ideas as results of their SharePoint queries. With unified authentication and single sign-on, SharePoint users can seamlessly move between SharePoint and Kindling without barriers to participation. Kindling brings the latest activity to Outlook in a non-obtrusive way within the application so that users can stay informed of ideas and topics relevant to them. With an industry-leading approach to bringing idea management directly into Outlook, Kindling allows users to submit new ideas and comment and vote on existing ones directly from their email client.

Kindling Mobile

As a strong channel to engage with users on the go, Kindling Mobile offers organizations the first mobile web-optimized idea management solution that can seamlessly capture ideas wherever they come to mind. With a clean and easy to use interface, Kindling Mobile offers one-click idea submission and easy access to the latest ideas and discussions happening on Kindling so that users can collaborate anywhere. Recognizing the diversity of Smartphones used for business, Kindling Mobile is built on web-standards for an engaging experience on any mobile Web browser. This approach allows device users to collaborate without any application download or IT integration requirements.

New User Interface with Idea Evolution

Dedicated to being the most engaging solution for idea management initiatives, Kindling now features a new user interface that requires zero-training for users and offers new features to promote collaboration. Aware that the best ideas grow through conversation, Kindling now offers expanded idea evolution opportunities for users to have private as well as public conversations to incorporate knowledge from throughout the organization. Users can now directly contact the author of an idea with specific edits and suggestions for change to their idea. This allows for collaborative editing of ideas while maintaining control with the idea creator.

Decision-maker Approval Workflow

Believing that successful idea management programs maintain a healthy balance of employee engagement and direction from management, Kindling offers Moderators the ability to have private discussions within idea Rooms. In these private conversations, decision-makers can discuss the direction of ideas as well as which ones should be identified for approval. New tools allow moderators to track key information, such as ROI, to asses which ideas are most feasible from a business perspective.

Existing clients look forward to utilizing the new enterprise features for Kindling.

“As an organization that seeks to effectively engage our workforce in idea sharing and collaboration, the latest features added to Kindling will help us keep employees active in the conversation,” said Chris Forbes, President and CEO, Knovel Corporation. “At the management level, the new workflow tools provide dynamic new ways for decision makers to moderate the dialogue and effectively identify and approve the best ideas within our organization.”

Kindling Mobile also earned strong feedback from clients engaging with the new offering.

“The new mobile version is beautifully designed, making it fun and easy to share ideas wherever genius sparks,” said Janakan Arulkumarasan, Director, Onoko International.

For more information on Kindling, please visit www.kindlingapp.com.

About Arc90

Arc90 provides technology products and strategic consulting services to drive business innovation. Partnering with customers to define and develop revolutionary solutions to complex and original challenges is at the core of what makes Arc90 unique. The company’s passionate approach to strategy, design and technology starts and ends with the user in mind, enabling clients including McGraw-Hill, Insight Catastrophe Group and Leapfrog to bridge the gap between art and science and turn business vision into a successful reality. Underpinning Arc90′s success is its flagship product, Kindling, an idea management and collaboration platform designed to help companies encourage and cultivate innovation to maximize business potential. Headquartered in New York, Arc90 can be found at www.arc90.com or on Twitter @arc90. To keep abreast of Arc90′s latest community technology experiments, including TBUZZ and Readability, visit the Arc90 Lab at http://lab.arc90.com/.

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