ProStor Systems Announces General Availability of ProStor InfiniVault With 1TB RDX Removable Disk Cartridges

May 5, 2010

BOULDER, Colo., May 5 /PRNewswire/ — ProStor Systems, the leader in enterprise-class removable disk storage systems for business backup, archiving, and retention management, today announced the general availability of its ProStor InfiniVault® product line shipping with the newly released 1TB RDX® removable disk cartridge.

Collie Burnett, President and Chief Executive Officer, Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters stated, “AIB is very excited to utilize ProStor InfiniVault with the new 1TB RDX cartridges in our backup system configuration. We believe this innovative technology offers a scalable, efficient solution to our video and data file backup needs. ProStor has delivered a product that has long been demanded in the backup field.”

RDX storage capacities, following the innovation and cost curves of the overall disk industry, continue to outpace tape storage media, growing from 500GB to 640GB to 750GB to 1TB in less than a year versus typical capacity increases in LTO technology which take 3-4 years. This aggressive trend coincides with IDC’s recently released Market Analysis report entitled “Worldwide Removable Hard Disk Drive 2008-2012 Forecast and Analysis”, stating removable disk storage solutions, including RDX-based storage systems, are gaining significant momentum, with estimated revenues for data backup growing 1,400 percent from 2008 to 2012.

“The adoption of RDX technology by all the major computer vendors including Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM and Lenovo have validated the growing role of these products in backup and archive environments,” said Henry Baltazar, Senior Analyst, Storage & Systems for The 451 Group. “With the current disk capacity roadmap, the RDX capacity point is forecasted to surpass many magnetic tape formats by 2011.”

The availability of the new cartridge with an uncompressed capacity of 1TB will immediately benefit ProStor InfiniVault customers in rich media applications like healthcare, video archiving and surveillance. ProStor InfiniVault users now have access up to 100TB of securely managed online capacity without having to purchase new hardware, thus eliminating technology obsolescence. Additionally, ProStor InfiniVault’s use of both online and RDX removable disk technology provides the benefits of removable media with the performance advantages of disk in a single architecture. RDX’s true forward compatibility seamlessly leverages new capacity points, like the 1TB cartridge, as opposed to tape which requires a technology refresh to take advantage of each capacity increase. With up to 100 RDX cartridges online and an infinite number offline, a ProStor InfiniVault Model 100 System can manage over 2 Billion studies in DICOM format. A 100 slot system with 1TB RDX cartridges can store 100,000 Multi-slice CT scans or 500,000 MRIs or 2,000,000 X-Rays. Similarly, the same system can store 12,594 standard or 9,773 HDTV broadcast streams or 1,527 uncompressed 1 hour standard video segments or 245 uncompressed HDTV segments.

“The ProStor InfiniVault with 1TB RDX Technology is the perfect nearline and offline storage expansion option to offer our Gravity customers,” added Shaun McTernan, Vice President of Marketing for SSL DV, Inc. “At SSL, we make an effort to offer the most cost effective high performance hardware technology to accompany our Gravity Media Asset Management software platform. Since Gravity requires high performance storage to manage an enormous amount of high resolution SD & HD video, audio, and graphics, a strategic scalable storage solution is required. With its simple integration with Gravity and its expandability, SSL believes the ProStor InfiniVault to be the best technology option to offer our customers.”

“The rapid growth and adoption of ProStor InfiniVault and RDX removable disk technology through our global OEMs, valued partners like SSL DV, and end-users like Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters validates the markets’ universal demand for higher capacity and more scalable data protection solutions – whether on-site or in the cloud,” concluded Frank Harbist, president and CEO of ProStor Systems. “The availability of 1TB RDX drives is a significant milestone that greatly expands this technology’s fit for data-intensive customer environments and markets. For ProStor, it also helps mark multiple key milestones, including over 100 ProStor InfiniVault customers, 100TB of online capacity, over 100PB of RDX shipped, 1 year anniversary of RDX adoption outpacing DDS/DAT/AIT, and 1 year to go before RDX delivers a higher capacity point than LTO. That’s a lot of #1s.”

About ProStor Systems

ProStor Systems provides industry-leading solutions for the cost-effective, long-term storage of digital information. ProStor’s RDX® removable disk technology is sold by leading server manufacturers Dell, HP, IBM, and others who combined have shipped over 125 petabytes to 250,000 customers worldwide. ProStor InfiniVault® is the most cost-effective storage system for the long-term retention of data and images. ProStor InfiniVault integrates information management software, online disk, and RDX removable disk to simplify retention management while automating disaster protection and regulatory compliance. This intelligent storage system is replacing optical, tape, and disk in healthcare, document imaging, financial services, digital video archive, service provider, and government markets.

For more information about ProStor Systems, visit www.prostorsystems.com or contact the company at info@prostorsystems.com or 303-565-3100. Visit www.rdxstorage.com to learn more about RDX removable disk technology.

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