New Survey by Norton Reveals 44 Percent of People Have Been Victimized by Cybercrime on a Social Network

May 5, 2010

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 6 /PRNewswire/ —

                 To help consumers fight back and protect their online
                 identities, Norton from Symantec has launched the Norton
                 Safe Web for Facebook application, a free tool that uses
                 site rating technology to scan computer users' Facebook news
    WHAT:        feeds for malicious web links.

                 As social networks continue to grow, cybercriminals are
                 finding them lucrative places to find victims.  A new survey
                 by Norton* revealed that 44% of people have been a victim of
                 a cybercrime perpetrated via a social network -viruses,
                 online credit fraud, unsolicited pornography, receiving
                 excessive spam and 'phishing' e-mails (bogus messages sent
                 by fraudsters posing as banks and other retail companies).
    WHY:         Additionally, the survey unveiled:

                 --72% of people have been victim of a cybercrime, ranging
                 from viruses, online credit fraud, unsolicited pornography,
                 phishing, to receiving excessive spam
                -- 76% of people worry about identity theft
                 --Compared with women, men take more risks online and are
                 more often victims of cybercrime

                 As cybercriminals focus on social networks, consumers need to
                 follow best practices and use available tools to protect
                 themselves from online dangers.  In addition to using Norton
                 Safe Web for Facebook, computer users can look up a site's
                 safety rating at the free Norton Safe Web community site, or
                 download Norton Safe Web Lite, a new free toolbar that
                 automatically flags fraudulent or harmful sites as users
                 surf the Web.

                 Marian Merritt, Norton's Internet Safety Advocate, will be on
                 hand to walk through the features of the new Norton Safe Web
                 for Facebook application and talk about emerging security
                 threats that computer users should look out for.  Marian
                 will also provide smart, simple tips that consumers can use
    WHO:         to stay safe on social networks.

    WHEN:       Interviews available upon request

    CONTACT:    Karina Carretero

* Survey and methodology available upon request


Source: newswire

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