May 13, 2010

Sharp Unveils 3D Camera For Mobile Devices

Sharp Corporation announced Wednesday that it has developed a 3D camera system for mobile phones and other handheld devices, and plans to begin mass producing the technology later this year.

This camera will be the first 3D module for mobile gadgets and will be able to capture high-def video and images, the electronics company said in a statement.

Different perspectives offered by each eye's line of sight will enable the brain to process depth perception and therefore the user will see the images in three dimensions.

The technology aims to do this by incorporating two small lenses that simultaneously capture a separate image for each eye and then create a synchronized 3D picture, Sharp spokeswoman Miyuki Nakayama told AFP.

Sharp will begin shipping sample products in July and begin mass producing the cameras within a few months after that, Nakayama said, adding that further details and prices were not available at this time.

3D technology is booming and competition in the new area is intensifying as major electronics makers are scrambling to produce the latest 3D innovations for consumers. Sharp said it would begin selling 3D LCD televisions before the summer as well.


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