May 13, 2010

4th Generation iPhone Surfaces In Vietnam

Another next generation iPhone is believed to have been obtained in Vietnam after a video started whizzing around the Internet this week.

The device, which several tech websites have identified as similar to a version found in a bar last month in California, was shown to a mobile phone accessory dealer in Ho Chi Minh City.

"It's a real Apple product," the dealer, Tran Manh Hiep, told AFP. "I plugged it into iTunes and it recognized it as an Apple device."

He said the prototype 4th generation iPhone was not his but was shown to him by a customer on Wednesday.  He said he then filmed it and posted the video on a forum.

He did not explain how the device arrived in Vietnam.

He also said the iPhone he saw was very similar to the one published on technology blog site Gizmodo, but still seemed "newer," with slight changes like the absence of two screws on the underside.

Details of the first "leaked" device were published on the technology blog after it was left in a bar in California near Apple's headquarters.

Gizmodo bought it from the man who found it, Brian Hogan.  Hogan was later interviewed by law enforcement to make sure he did what he could to try and find the owner.  He was not charged with any crime.

The device has since been returned to Apple after the notoriously secretive company had a letter sent by a lawyer, asking for its return.

According to Gizmodo, the new iPhone features a front-facing video camera for video chat, a flash and an improved regular camera with a larger lens.

It also has a flat back instead of a curved back, and it is thinner than the 3GS but is three grams heavier.  The battery on the device is also 16 percent larger than the generation 3 iPhone.


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