GPS Tracker Company Helps Police Uncover Michigan Grow-Op

May 14, 2010

MONROE, Mich., May 14 /PRNewswire/ — Rocky Mountain Tracking located a stolen golf cart equipped with a Smart Tracker GPS tracking device, while also leading police to a Michigan grow-op.

On the morning of May 12, 2010, a 2008 Club Car golf cart was stolen from Dale Brunt’s business in Monroe, Michigan. The cart in-question was equipped with a Smart Tracker GPS tracking device that had been previously purchased from Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Upon noticing that the cart was missing, Brunt immediately contacted Rocky Mountain Tracking.

Using the Smart Tracker’s location software, Rocky Mountain Tracking technical support expert, Travis Torgerson, was able to locate the stolen cart. After locating the cart, Brunt immediately alerted law enforcement authorities. Police tracked the stolen golf cart to a Michigan residence where the cart was discovered — along with a marijuana grow-op, and other stolen items, said Brunt.

Rocky Mountain Tracking President, Brad Borst, told press that, “Mr. Brunt’s proactive decision to install the Smart Tracker on his golf carts is not only rewarding; his action has apparently solved a serious crime spree.” Brunt’s decision to purchase 30 Smart Trackers for his golf cart fleet was spawned by three previous thefts.

After researching GPS tracker devices online, Brunt discovered that the Smart Tracker had an on-demand option, which would allow him to equip his entire golf cart fleet with GPS tracking devices without paying a hefty monthly fee. He also liked the idea that the Smart Tracker has a “geo-fence” option.

Even though Brunt did not activate the geo-fence option at the time that his cart was stolen, all of Brunt’s carts have now been geo-fenced. With this technology in place, Brunt will be alerted via text if any of his carts are stolen in the future.

Brunt believes that the Smart Tracker was the “perfect way to solve (his) problem.” The Smart Tracker “worked way beyond (his) expectations.” As for the grow-op that the Smart Tracker led police to, authorities are still working on the investigation.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is a leading GPS tracking company. With more than 40,000 GPS tracking devices sold, Rocky Mountain Tracking has become one of the most trusted names in the GPS tracking industry. To learn more about Rocky Mountain Tracking or the company’s products, visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking website (www.rmtracking.com).

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