BaseN Platform in World’s Most Energy Efficient Data Center

May 18, 2010

HELSINKI and NEW YORK, May 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — This significant
recognition has been awarded to Helsingin Energia for innovatively exploiting
the heat generated by data center equipment for warming buildings and
domestic water in Helsinki. The first solution utilizing this next generation
concept was initiated by BaseN and implemented as a joint project with an
advanced ICT service provider Academica Oy, which is a BaseN subsidiary and
telecoms provider.

BaseN President and CEO Pasi Hurri, a member of the Academica Board of
Directors, received today a special commendation at the annual Uptime
Institute Symposium in New York.

“In traditional data centers, energy efficiency has not been seen as a
priority. Now we are transforming it to a sharp competitive edge for
Academica, enabling customers to purchase both energy and IT services exactly
to their needs,” said Pasi Hurri.

Within the data center, Academica is utilizing the BaseN Platform
extensively for measuring energy, telecom and environmental conditions. For
the first time in a data center environment customers are able to see
measurements in real time in their dedicated portals and will directly
benefit for using energy efficient servers and related equipment.

“The cost of electricity is quickly becoming a capital cost of IT
equipment. Providing data center operators with versatile services based on
accurate measurements, data centers can deliver the maximum performance while
increasing cost and energy efficiency. An average data center consumes as
much energy as 25,000 households in the US,” Hurri added.

Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Awards

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About BaseN Corporation

BaseN is an international measurement service provider, headquartered in
Finland and operating around the globe, dedicated to large scale
infrastructure monitoring and management. BaseN offers a complete portfolio
of services that monitor, measure, analyze and forecast massive data flows.
It also visualizes the measurements and provides real time overviews and
alerting functions through tailored portals.

BaseN developed its system for telecom networks and has applied the same
technology to the cleantech space in order to make real time data available
to millions of consumers, organizations and households in an achievable and
cost-efficient way.

The BaseN Platform is measuring an equivalent of more than 8 million
smart meters every minute and making the data available in real time. BaseN
aims to be the foundation for the Smart Grid by connecting every point of
energy consumption in real time.


SOURCE BaseN Corporation

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