Policy Leader BroadHop Introduces Breakthrough PCRF Architecture

May 18, 2010

NICE, France, May 18 /PRNewswire/ — BroadHop Inc. (www.broadhop.com), the industry’s deployment leader in policy management and control solutions for service providers, today announced the Policy Builder application, which augments BroadHop’s recently announced Quantum Network Suite (http://www.broadhop.com/products_qns.html), the most advanced Policy PCRF product platform in the industry.

Policy Builder delivers the industry’s first policy software platform architecture that de-couples the underlying policy features – the building-blocks of new innovative services – from the underlying operating systems, unleashing new service innovation capabilities and dramatically speeding application and service deployment by more than 10 times the amount it would take using current technology.

“Service providers that wish to drive new innovative services must wait on vendors to develop new features in the policy software core as part of a new release, or engage in costly and time-consuming bolt-on development. This takes a tremendous amount of time and makes service providers captive to vendors with respect to service innovation,” said William Diotte, BroadHop’s CEO. “With Policy Builder, service providers have – for the first time – an intelligent and flexible layer between their apps and the network that enables them to create and implement new core policy features and functionality independent of a new OS release. This is the kind of next-generation architectural advancement that BroadHop is spearheading as part of its initiative to create the Policy 2.0 Era — an era in which policy technology becomes a source of service innovation and, more importantly, a means to provide a more compelling and positive subscriber experience while significantly improving an operator’s network ROI.”

The Policy Builder application module is aimed specifically at network service providers as a powerful tool designed to enable application and/or service development in conjunction with BroadHop’s Quantum Network Suite. Policy Builder is a virtual “workbench” for authoring innovative rules-based services through the creation of new service policy “blueprints” for new services and also extending existing installations that utilize different, and sometimes fragmented, policy enforcement points and subscriber databases. Service provider engineers and business managers can collaborate to create, configure and deploy innovative new policy features all from a single unified service policy authoring tool that:

  • Automates policy development with service blueprints and intuitive access to the detailed rules that enable policy creation
  • Creates complex policies and service definition without policy software development, and use of proprietary vendor-specific scripting
  • Delivers policy-based services more rapidly by aggregating rules into reusable policy objects and templates
  • Enables service providers to readily integrate with multi-vendor network environments, and existing back-office systems such as subscriber and service data sources, OSS/BSS platforms, without the requirement to engage the vendor to customize the platform for their purpose

BroadHop will be demonstrating its new Policy Builder application module and the new Quantum Network Suite, at the Telemanagement Forum’s Management World tradeshow and conference, taking place in Nice, France, May 19-21 in booth #64 on the show floor. To arrange a demonstration of the new Quantum Network Suite at the show, please contact dgeiger@broadhop.com. Additional details on the Quantum Network Suite and BroadHop can be found at: http://www.broadhop.com

About BroadHop

Deployed by more than 60 telecom service providers serving more than 200 million subscribers in 25 countries, BroadHop’s policy solutions enable service providers to control network resources in real time, monetize new services and applications, and deliver personalized, identity-based services in wireless and wireline networks. BroadHop products enable service providers to deliver converged applications, content and services over multi-access networks, so they can quickly build new revenue streams, reduce operating expenses, and create competitive advantage in their markets. For more information on BroadHop and its products, visit http://www.broadhop.com.

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