May 18, 2010

Security Firm Warns Of Facebook “˜Sexiest Video Ever’ Scam

Sophos, a computer security company, warned Facebook users on Tuesday against clicking on a link claiming to be the "sexiest video ever" which is actually a trap designed to infect computers.

The firm said that thousands of users have fallen prey to the trickery, which appears to come from a friend's Facebook account.

The message reads, "This is without doubt the sexiest video ever!" and is accompanied by what seems to be a movie thumbnail of a woman wearing a short skirt on an exercise bike.

Sophos says Facebook users should not click the thumbnail, which does not play the video but takes users to a page telling them they do not have the correct software installed.

The users are then tricked into installing an adware software package, which automatically plays, displays or downloads advertisements on their computers.

"You may want to watch a sexy video, but you're more likely to end up being plagued by pop-up advertising," Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, told AFP News.

"Not only is adware being installed in your computer, but the rogue Facebook application is posting the same message to all of your friends' accounts," he said.

"It's no surprise that your friends might click to watch the movie when it looks to all intents and purposes that you are the person who has sent it to them."

Cluley said users who have been infected by this software should scan their computers with anti-virus software, change their passwords, review their Facebook application settings and remove whatever was installed.


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