May 19, 2010

Android Phones To Get Kindle Software

Amazon wants to grow its customer base in the electronic book market by releasing a version of its popular Kindle e-reader software for phones using Google Inc's Android operating system.

The new software will be available for free when it comes out this summer and will join a growing number of programs already available for Apple's iPhone and iPad and Research in Motion Ltd's BlackBerry smartphones, as well as other devices.

The software will let users read books they have bought from Amazon's online e-reader store. Like other versions of the Kindle software, the Android version keeps track of where you are in a book. That means you can start reading on an Android device and continue at the same place on any other gadget using Kindle software.

The new move is a way for Amazon to make money from e-book sales from people who may not own the $259 Kindle e-reader or more expensive Kindle DX.

Amazon has been building up its Kindle database as competition grows in the e-book market. Apple, Sony and Barnes & Noble all sell devices that, like the Kindle, can get e-book downloads directly over wireless connections. Apple's new iPad is quickly becoming the first real threat to the Kindle.

Amazon said Tuesday that the Android Kindle software allows users to switch font sizes and got to the next page in the book with a quick tap or flick of a finger.


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