May 20, 2010

Google Wave Goes Live

Google on Wednesday unleashed its new Wave communications platform to the world that will give people the freedom to go beyond the boundaries of traditional email.

Google Wave team chief Lars Rasmussen announced the unveiling of the program at the annual developers conference in San Francisco. It had been testing Wave in an invitation-only beta mode for nearly eight months and has heralded its potential to turn common everyday email into a powerful collaborative tool.

Google Wave product manager Gregory D'Alesandre said last year that Wave will help "liberate" workers from constraints of old-fashioned ways at firms.

Google began inviting people in September to test Wave, which combines email, online chat, social networking, and wiki-style group access to Web content.

Email and instant messages grow into shared online stadiums where anyone within the exchange can edit documents, add content, or comment at any time. "You can have 12 people interacting in a Wave at the same time without people talking over each other or stepping on each others' toes," D'Alesandre told AFP.

"We really believe this is a better way to communicate; where technology is going," he added.

People can sign up for Wave online at wave.google.com.