May 23, 2010

China Says US Piracy Claims ‘Groundless’

Accusations made by the United States that China is failing to take action against copyright piracy have been dismissed as "groundless" by the Foreign Ministry, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Saturday.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said China has implemented policies to combat piracy in copyrighted movies, music, games, and other sources of entertainment.

Chinese leaders will hold talks on Monday and Tuesday in Beijing with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

The talks will take on a range of issues including Chinese trade policies and the Yuan exchange rate, but intellectual property rights will be the major topic of importance.

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk said earlier this week that Washington would use the economic talks to press the issue of copyright piracy and innovation.

The United States placed China and Russia at the top of a piracy list earlier in May. However, Ma said protecting intellectual property rights was of great importance to the Chinese government and that combating piracy is part of its national strategy.

"The involved U.S. Congress members should respect the fact and stop making groundless accusations against China," he said.