70% of U.S. Consumers Suffer From Slow PCs Due to Lack of Maintenance

May 26, 2010

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 26 /PRNewswire/ —

    THE ISSUE:    While consumers are fueling the skyrocketing adoption of
                  sophisticated technology in the form of smart phones, home
                  networks, netbooks, tablets, cloud-based services and
                  various smart computing devices, they still need to follow
                  recommended computer maintenance best practices such as PC
                  tune-up, enabling Wi-Fi protection settings and using a
                  complete security solution to give their computer the "new
                  car smell" again and extend the life of their PC.  But
                  computer users may not always have the time to regularly
                  ensure they're taking the appropriate steps to maintain
                  their PC's health.

    THE STUDY:    According to the new "State of PC Health" study by
                  NortonLive, the consumer services arm of Norton, data from
                  more than 1 million PCs running Norton PC Checkup shows that
                  education and easy access to basic computer maintenance
                  tools is still needed.


         PC Performance
            -- 1 in 7 users do not optimize (or defragment) their hard drive
               often enough, which hinders performance and can lead to
               frustration with their PC
            -- 7 in 10 users would benefit from a PC Tune-up (a
               comprehensive optimization of their PC) to improve system
               start-up time, hard drive performance, clean Windows and
               Registry file clutter, and remove browsing and temporary files
               from Internet browsers
               -- 68% of users experience slow system start-up and 66% of
                  users have average of below average system performance,
                  likely due to lack of computer maintenance

            -- 41% of users use completely "open" wireless routers with zero
               security protection
            -- 90% of users have inadequate wireless security
            -- 45% of users do not have firewall software installed
            -- 1 in 9 users are infected with a security risk or virus - and
               probably don't know

         Personal Data Protection
            -- 80% of users (4 out of 5) do not have any backup software
              installed and risk losing critical files on their computers

         Energy Efficiency
            -- 49% of users (half) never enter standby on their PCs
            -- 19% of users (1 in 5) never turn off their monitor
            -- 15% of users never enter standby mode on their PC or turn off
               their monitor, effectively wasting up to $75/year on

    SOURCE:  Norton PC Checkup version 2.0
              PC Checkup is a free downloadable diagnostic tool that
              automatically scans personal computers for potential
              problems. It gives users a personalized in-depth report of
              the computer's overall health and potential risks in the
              areas of performance, security, data, web safety and energy
              consumption. Users can use this information to eliminate
              problems, improve security and keep their computers running
              at their best.   PC Checkup is developed by NortonLive, the
              consumer services group from Norton. For more information on
              PC Checkup, please visit: www.norton.com/pchealth-

              NortonLive Services was founded with the vision of delivering
              convenient, affordable and secure computer services to
              consumers and small businesses that do not have the time or
              expertise to solve painful computer problems on their own.
              NortonLive experts help customers save time and money, and
              avoid frustration and catastrophic data loss, by remotely
              fixing their computer performance and security problems from
              the comfort of their own homes and businesses. For more
              information on NortonLive, please visit: www.nortonlive.com.

    CONTACT: Louis Cheng
             (650) 762-2814

SOURCE Symantec

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