June 1, 2010

Google Dumps Microsoft’s Operating System

Google Inc. announced on Tuesday that is phasing out internal use of rival Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system because of security concerns following a Chinese hacking incident.

The Financial Times (FT) reported, citing several Google employees, that the company is now starting to run Apple Inc.'s Mac OS and open-source Linux on its machines.

The decision began in January after Google's Chinese operations were hacked. 

Internet security firm McAfee Inc. said during that time the cyber attacks on Google and other businesses had exploited a previously unknown flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, which was vulnerable on all recent versions of Windows.

FT quoted one Google employee as saying: "We're not doing any more Windows. It is a security effort." Another said: "Getting a new Windows machine now requires CIO (chief information officer) approval."

Google said in a statement: "We're always working to improve the efficiency of our business, but we do not comment on specific operational matters."

Google is developing its own operating system based on its Chrome browser.  The software will initially target notebooks, or inexpensive, pared-down netbook PCs.

About nine out of 10 of the world's personal computers run Microsoft Windows.


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