Fuzzy Logix Unveils a New Product and a New Partner: DB Lytix(TM) In-Database Analytics for Microsoft SQL Server 2008; and Scalability Experts, Microsoft Gold Partners

June 7, 2010

CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 7 /PRNewswire/ — Fuzzy Logix, LLC, a leading provider of advanced analytical solutions, announces in-database analytics for SQL Server 2008. Fuzzy Logix has ported DB Lytix(TM), its rich in-database analytics library, to SQL server 2008 using the Common Language Runtime (CLR) option. This library is the result of more than ten years of extensive research on advanced analytical methods, and contains functions for mathematical and statistical analysis, data mining, and Monte Carlo simulations.

According to Partha Sen, CEO of Fuzzy Logix, “The availability of in-database analytics in SQL Server marks the beginning of a new era – the era of the democratization of analytics. It’s our goal to make analytics pervasive in all walks of life. We feel confident that the availability of in-database analytics in SQL Server will enable us to serve a large base of customers who are seeking to use easily accessible analytics to help them gain competitive advantage.”

Eric Hanson, Principal Program Manager Lead and Data Warehouse scenario owner in the SQL Server team at Microsoft Corporation, agrees, “In-database analytics can provide dramatic benefits for our customers. The functions that are available in DB Lytix(TM) will enable our customers to rapidly do predictive analysis directly with the familiar T-SQL language within SQL Server. This allows analytic results to be displayed easily in any report based on SQL queries. It also eliminates the need to move data to a separate system for analysis, avoiding the cost of moving data and of implementing redundant security controls.”

In-database analytics is no longer an academic topic or an esoteric idea. It has become mainstream, as increasingly more enterprises are either using this technology, or are demonstrating the inclination to use it for solving business problems. In traditional methods of data analysis, users are required to transport data out of the database for processing. The conventional wisdom is to move the data to analytics. Even though the conventional methods seem logical, the movement of data imposes severe limitations on delivery of results. In-database analytics relies on moving analytics to the database wherein advanced quantitative functions are embedded inside the database as scalar functions or aggregates. Analysts can now simply write SQL queries to perform complex analysis of data and get the desired results with blazing speed – exploiting the inherent parallel processing capability of the SQL Server query processor.

Steven Baldelli, CEO of Trident Marketing, avid users of in-database analytics on SQL Server, says, “Using in-database analytics in SQL Server allows us to quickly analyze critical patterns in web advertising and make adjustments on the fly. This technology has enabled us to instantaneously evaluate and cluster the performance of our diverse sales force. Overall, we have realized a significant gain in sales, while reducing our costs per sale by more than 20%.”

Fuzzy Logix is also excited to announce its partnership with Scalability Experts, a highly respected international data management consulting company, with ten years of experience in providing solutions that leverage Microsoft technologies. “When looking for a partner for our Microsoft solutions, time and time again, Scalability Experts emerged as a company that has consistently delivered professional, high-impact solutions,” said Partha Sen, CEO of Fuzzy Logix. “The combination of our analytic solutions with Scalability Experts’ data management, SQL Server and BI experience greatly enhances our ability to build and develop end-to-end analytic solutions for our customers.” Scalability Experts’ co-founder and senior vice president, Robert Beatty, agrees, “Because Fuzzy Logix’s library is so easy to use, we can build solutions that range from embedding analytics into existing reports to delivering comprehensive analytics appliances using off the shelf hardware and SQL Server. This is a great enhancement to SQL Server because it allows anyone to leverage analytics to optimize business performance and maximize IT investment.”

For more information, meet with us at TechEd, June 7th – 10th in New Orleans or please contact Michael Upchurch at 704-807-7107 or Cyrus Golkar at 408-858-7979.

About Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix, LLC is a high-tech analytics company, built on the results of more than ten years of research and development in advanced quantitative methods. Our vision is to use artificial intelligence and sophisticated quantitative techniques to solve complex problems faced by businesses. Fuzzy Logix delivers rich suites of advanced analytics and predictive algorithms in databases, memory and hardware. Our solutions allow you to analyze, infer and act(TM). For more information, visit http://www.FuzzyL.com.

About Scalability Experts

Scalability Experts is a leader in data management and business intelligence for complex data platforms. With recognized expertise and proven methodologies, Scalability Experts delivers solutions-based services, consulting and training that empower mid-to-large-scale enterprises to drive business performance with improved decision making and operational efficiencies. For more information, visit http://www.scalabilityexperts.com.

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