June 7, 2010

Apple Announces iPhone 4

Apple announced the newest version of the iPhone today at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

"We are going to take the biggest leap since the original iPhone," Jobs said in his keynote speech at the conference.

The iPhone 4 includes over 100 new features such as a front facing camera to do video conferencing, a better still camera with flash, improved battery life and a screen with higher resolution.

"There has never been a display like this on a phone," Jobs said.

The 3.5-inch screen is the same size as the previous models but it features 326 pixels per inch, which is four times the amount of pixels of the previous models.

"There is a magic number around 300 pixels per inch that is the limit of the human retina," Jobs said. "We are over that limit."

"That's going to set the standard for display for years to come," he said.

Jobs also said that the improved battery allows for 40 percent more talk time and that the is 24 percent thinner than the previous model.

"It is really thin," Jobs. "It is one of the most beautiful designs you've ever seen. Its closest kin is a beautiful old Leica camera."

The iPhone will go on sale June 24 and the price will start at $199 for the 16-gigabyte model.


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