Malware-Control Revolutionizes the Protection of Corporate Networks From Targeted Attacks

June 9, 2010

PARIS, June 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ –

– New Solution Offers Radically Different Approach to Malware Mitigation
and Helps Information Security Professionals Effectively Reduce Risks

Lexsi Group, an international leader in information security, announced
today the launch of Malware-Control, a corporate malware blacklist that
protects organizations from targeted attacks used for organized, online
crime. The solution offers a radically different approach to protecting
invaluable company information by blocking outgoing malicious communication,
rather than attempting to block malwares from entering corporate networks.

“Our biggest challenges were developing an exhaustive protection solution
and guaranteeing traffic performance, while offering a simple and quick
integration into existing systems,” said William Fox, product manager. “After
three years of research, we discovered a blacklist model which was the most
relevant and most effective.”

Despite increasing security budgets and increased efforts to reduce
exposure to liability, approximately five percent of corporate systems are
still infected. In fact, more than 50 percent of the latest malwares manage
to get through most anti-malware protection platforms.

Malware-Control offers an alternative, game-changing strategy to malware
mitigation. Its internal mechanics rely on the identification of “command and
control” servers receiving the sensitive data from infected networks, and
stops malware when it tries to send data out.

“The race to keep corporate networks clean from malwares has reached its
limits,” said Fox. “It’s a dead-end. We now need to reconsider what is really
at stake. In the end, the real issue is not to have grey or confirmed
malwares in the network. The issue is to block sensitive data going out of
the company.”

Malware-Control can easily be integrated with existing security solutions
for added protection, and offers a more reliable and cost-effective approach
to protecting confidential and proprietary files.

Visit http://www.malware-control.com and run the one-minute Safe Network
Scan to test your corporate network security and malware mitigation layers.
This test is an industry first, is free and instantly uncovers blind spots
remaining from the whole network security chain.

Additional information, including technical support, pricing and a brief
video (http://www.youtube.com/user/epsci2001) overview are also available on
the site.

About Malware-Control

Developed by Lexsi Group, Malware-Control is a corporate malware
blacklist that protects enterprise organizations from targeted attacks. For
more information, visit http://www.malware-control.com.

SOURCE Lexsi Group

Source: newswire

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