Gay Travel Has Never Been Easier for Everybody – From the Upwardly Mobile to Those Who’ve Arrived

June 10, 2010

TORONTO, June 10 /PRNewswire/ – From the producers of the world’s most
watched gay and lesbian travel series and Canada’s most successful gay TV show
export, comes a spunky new multimedia app series for smart phones: Bump!
Travel Guides (http://www.bumptravelguides.com).

Download a Bump! Travel Guide and you’re good to go to any one of 12
gay-friendly destinations: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos
, Miami, Montreal, Mykonos, Paris, Puerto Vallarta, Rio de Janeiro and
Sydney. The Guides feature saucy videos, top travel tips and big pride events,
all packaged in a sleek and sexy design for BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod Touch.
These apps are supported in part by the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

“Our mobile guides stand out because they offer a visually rich
experience, are wickedly fun and can get you into all sorts of trouble, if
that’s what you’re looking for,” says Les Tomlin, Executive Producer of
Bumper2Bumper Media, the company behind the Bump! television series and mobile

Bump! Travel Guides promise to keep people updated and connected to the
local scene. “Keeping things fresh and current is critical, because in the gay
market businesses tend to come and go more quickly than in the straight
market,” notes Tomlin. And with a handy feature for rating local hot-spots,
travelers can also share their experiences and shout out their favorites.

“People on the road don’t want a hundred choices for what to do, where to
go or when to party. They want the top 10 choices and that’s what we offer – a
chic and crisply edited selection, based on destinations we know best,” says
Tomlin. And for tourists who may want to support GLBT establishments, the
Bump! Travel Guides specifically identify International Gay and Lesbian Travel
Association member businesses.

Packed with multimedia, Bump! Travel Guides offer video clips from Bump!
TV, pictures, GPS maps, one-click phone numbers and links for the best places
to eat, shop and party, average temperature and currency info – and a “Play”
feature for more fun. The apps will also provide contests, promotions, prizes
and sponsorship opportunities.

Bump! Travel Guides are powered by Metranome (http://www.metranome.net), a
leading mobile media solutions company, and can be downloaded for $2.99 each.
Once downloaded, the guides do not require Wi-Fi or data connectivity, saving
travelers expensive carrier charges. And, for a limited time, everybody can
get the Antwerp guide for free to celebrate both the city’s gay pride festival
and International Gay and Lesbian Tourism Association global convention in
June. To access the guides, visit http://www.bumptravelguides.com.

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