Flickr Gets Serious Competitor

June 21, 2010

COPENAGHEN, June 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — If you think Flickr, the world
biggest photo and video sharing site, is untouchable – just wait !

A serious competitor is coming around the corner in lightning speed.

Today only a few thousand photo and video enthusiasts around the world
knows what “Mejuba” stands for.

– But it’s only a question of time says the man behind the newly launched
photo and video site “Mejuba, IT engineer Nicolai Busekist, Copenhagen,

He has spent 2 creative years developing an advanced photo and video site
- http://www.mejuba.com – and he’s not in doubt – “Mejuba” will within 2
years be among the most popular photo and video sharing sites in the world.

Why ?

– Because “Mejuba” is truly the only 100 % free photo and video service
with unlimited storage and unmetered traffic, says Nicolai Busekist. Flickr,
Photobucket, Snapfish and Shutterfly and others are all good sites, but they
are all limited and restricted and for the most part you have to pay to get
what we offer for free.

– Even when signing up for a paying membership there are restrictions and

“Mejuba” is absolutely free for all its strong services – and we will
stay that way!

– We invite every single photo or video enthusiast who wants to save
money, time and effort to join “Mejuba” – among others: families, grand
parrents, singles, business owners, manufacture, political parties, kinder
gardens, professional photographers, photo and video journalists, veteran car
organizations, online auction houses, stamp enthusiasts, estate agents and
many, many others.

– Why pay for a service, “Mejuba” gives you free of charge, says Nicolai
, who hopes to welcome 20.000 – 30.000 new users a week.

You can be one of them on http://www.mejuba.com.

Contact: support@mejuba.com or +45-40-600-690

SOURCE Mejuba.com

Source: newswire

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