Bagsok’s Newly Released Handbags Said to Borrow Ideas from Hermes

June 23, 2010

NEW YORK, June 23 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — On June 1st, Bagsok released its
latest collection — Alfa Artist handbags — which use scarves as a decoration.
But days later, a customer named Jenny, pointed out in her blog that the
design of this collection is suspected to borrow the idea of Hermes.

www.bagsok.com is one of the most popular online stores where a great
variety of brand handbags for trendy girls and women are available. And Alfa
Artist, as one of the leading bag brands in Europe, catches the most attention.
On June 1st, www.bagsok.com released two new Alfa Artist handbags that have
kept its consistent style: simple and classic. The stylish silk scarves tied
to the handbags are eye-catching. It is said that Alfa Artist borrowed this
idea from Hermes who combined silk scarves and bags at the beginning of 2010.

Responding to the suspicion of the public, Alex Boynton, the Design
Director of Alfa Artist announced, “We use silk scarves in totally different
ways. Hermes uses silk scarves as a major material of its bags while we use
silk scarves as decorations of our bags. Besides, all scarves can be separated
from Alfa Artist handbags. When the customer buys one, she gets one bag and
one scarf. And apart from the function of a decoration on the handbag, the
silk scarf could also be used as a hair accessory to tie up her hair in the
summertime; also, it could be tied around the hand to make one feel as if she
were floating in the wind!”

Additionally, he stressed, “Silk is a symbol of elegance and nobility. In
the near future, more and more designers will add silk as an important element
to bags, and we just go a bit faster.”

Andrew Dickson, the sales manager of www.bagsok.com said, “Since we
released the two new Alfa Artist handbags on June 1st, more than 8590 bags
have been sold and the demand is increasing. Some customers even want to buy
the silk scarf alone.”

The marketing manager of Bagsok, Kevin Ellison, said that they have
considered producing more silk scarves.

But could silk scarves really become a chic element of bags, or to say,
the highlight of handbags? Only the market will tell.

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