New Service Offers Recruiters Direct Access to an Exclusive Pool of Leadership Talent

June 30, 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 30 /PRNewswire/ — MBA Focus has launched Executive Select (www.ExecSelect.com), a new service that provides corporate recruiters direct access to an exclusive pool of unique business talent. Every candidate in ExecSelect.com has been qualified by one of the best predictors of leadership success: They are all alumni of the world’s top-ranked MBA programs, and they average 10 years of work experience with many of the world’s leading employers.

Executive Select was launched based on the unmet needs employers have to quickly and cost effectively identify and attract only the best qualified talent, without being inundated with less qualified candidates. Executive Select enables employers to search within an exclusive talent pool against specific criteria to find only ideal candidates.

“Managers and executives who earned their MBA degrees at top-ranked schools and have reached the top rungs at major corporations represent a notable group of ‘high-performers,’ ” commented Bruce Lane, vice president at MBA Focus. “Executive Select, alone, is comprised of this elite group of leaders. We are proud to collaborate with our school partners to introduce this resource to employers who seek a cost-effective method to source these highly qualified candidates.”

In addition to searching the online database, employers can post open positions exclusively to these potential candidates through another first-of-its-kind recruiting service, MultiPost. Multi-Post enables recruiters to post a job to candidates from any or all of the same graduate business schools with a single posting.

More information about Executive Select and MultiPost is available at www.ExecSelect.com.

About MBA Focus: For more than 20 years, MBA Focus has been the market leader in connecting top employers with top graduate business schools, their students and their alumni. Executive Select (www.ExecSelect.com) is the service offered by MBA Focus that provides employers with exclusive access to highly qualified business leaders who have degrees from the world’s top MBA programs. MBA Select (www.MBASelect.com) provides employers with comprehensive recruiting tools to reach students of the world’s top MBA programs and includes the tools and software that these elite schools use to manage career services.

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