June 30, 2010

Cisco Enters Tablet Market

Cisco Systems unveiled a new tablet computer Tuesday for business customers, becoming the latest company to jump into the extremely popular tablet market.

The Cius, a lightweight, 7-inch tablet, is based on Google's Android operating system. The new device will work over both short-range Wi-Fi and high-speed mobile wireless networks.

The Cius offers portable video conferencing, access to users' desktop computers, email and Web browsing, and will work with applications designed for the Android platform.

The tablet market got its start with the successful launch of Apple's iPad in April. Since then, other companies are making a mad dash to get similar devices on to store shelves.

Unlike Cisco's Cius, which is being marketed for enterprise, most tablets have been aimed at the consumer market.

Cisco shares were down 3.4 percent at $21.65 in afternoon trading on the NASDAQ.


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