$10,000 Treasure Buried Somewhere in New York City

July 6, 2010

NEW YORK, July 6 /PRNewswire/ — A treasure chest filled with ten thousand dollars in US Mint one dollar coins is buried somewhere in New York City. A new Internet video series gives clues to the treasure’s location, and a second teaser video has been released. This new trailer presents the $10,000 treasure in its entirety as further proof that this is indeed real.

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The currency was buried by puppets… who forgot where they put it. Now the web-series is helping its viewers find the treasure.

Premiering on August 1, 2010 eight weekly videos will be released, chronicling four puppet pirates and their attempts to retrace their steps to reclaim their lost treasure. Hidden in each video are clues and Easter eggs that will lead the viewer to the buried coins.

This is not a contest, or a product endorsement. It is not a joke, nor is it a hoax. If viewers watch all eight videos, find the clues and solve the puzzles, they can find the treasure chest.

While the pirates can’t remember where they buried their treasure, they do know that the viewer should absolutely not start digging randomly. “Don’t just dig, ye codfish!” said The Captain in an earlier statement. “The spot be clearly marked! Diggin’ at randoms be as pointless as… wait, did I says the spot be marked? BOLLOCKS! Don’t print that, ye swab!”

The pirates appear concerned that this web series is exploiting their activities, and jeopardizing the safety of their treasure. They also scoff at the suggestion that the series is the scheme of a corporation, or a product endorsement.

“You think we’re workin’ fer somebody?” said Mulligan, the ship’s First Mate. “Heh. That’s a good one. You know we’re pirates, right? Who would we work for, Johnny Depp?”

Added his colleague Crothers: “I didn’t know we had one video. Now you’re saying we have two videos. And video; to be honest, I’m not familiar with that word.”

Fellow pirate Tom declined to comment, the Captain having reportedly killed Tom’s Japanese translator over an amusement park dispute. When questioned, the Captain appeared unwilling to deny the allegation.

“I said, ‘I want’s tha red bumper car!’ and he says, ‘But I’m already sittin’ in it.’ So I shot his arms off! If any media-type folk wants anythin’ from Tom, they can speaks to me. Now bugger off. I gots no comment.”

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