Martini Media Announces Milestone Affluent Study with Crowd Science, Morpheus Media, Luxury Institute

July 15, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, July 15 /PRNewswire/ — Martini Media, a media network representing the world’s largest targetable affluent audience, today announced the launch of the groundbreaking Martini Affluent Study with partners Crowd Science, Morpheus Media, and the Luxury Institute. The Martini Affluent Study will generate deep audience profile data about the 45M unique affluent consumers across a publisher network of 1,100 sites in lifestyle & business. Martini Media will bring the findings and insights of this targeted research study to the public in Q3 of 2010.

“Our study so unique because we look at the specific behavioral profile of each respondent, and the context of that response, to control, verify, and supplement the survey data itself. These behavior-survey profiles are not only interesting, they are very valuable in helping us serve our clients,” says Skip Brand, Martini CEO. “We are very excited to take advantage of Crowd Science’s best-of-breed online market research platform in our study, and are certain that this will hugely increase the overall understanding on the media side, while simultaneously growing the overall field of research.”

“Martini’s focus on the affluent audience makes them a very interesting research partner for us,” says John Martin, Crowd Science’s co-founder & CEO. “Because we combine behavioral and survey data, our research applications are able provide a much more comprehensive view of the affluent audience. That helps Martini’s brands get better value for their inventory in the media and advertising community.”

Martini’s Affluent Research Platform, powered by Crowd Science, to date has brought key proprietary insights to partners, including a wealth of understanding into Financial Advisor engaging with their businesses & lifestyles online, and a unique finding on automobile make and model purchase intent amongst consumers at HHI $100K-$249K versus HHI $250K+.

Morpheus Media, an independent digital agency, and the Luxury Institute, will be co-sponsoring the study, providing guidance to ensure utility to all brands seeking to understand and reach the $100K+ HHI audience online.

Shenan Reed, Morpheus Managing Director, says: “It is research like this that allows us to better serve our clients and their customers. We are thrilled to be working with such great partners to help break new ground.”

Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, finds the groundbreaking nature of the study in line with the goals of the Luxury Institutes goals. “We always look to innovate and cooperate in leading edge research,” Pedraza states. “This multi-dimensional research concept breaks new ground in the luxury industry.”

The Martini Affluent Study & Conference is expected in October, 2010. In addition to solidifying their prominence in the area, the study is expected to make Martini Media the thought leader of the affluent, online space.

About Martini Media Network (www.martinimedianetwork.com)

Martini Media Network is a horizontally focused media company reaching American consumers with household incomes over $100,000 -25% of the US internet population. Sophisticated audiences require sophisticated strategies – Martini’s high-engagement media in Lifestyle & Business, robust custom solutions & formats, deep data, targeting & technology, ensure success for Advertisers, Publishers & Consumers. With our invite-only publisher network of world-famous traditional titles & new media sites, Martini seeks to revolutionize the role of the media company in the 21st century with expertise in audience aggregation, technology solutions and advertising execution.

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About Crowd Science:

Crowd Science (www.crowdscience.com) is redefining online market research by combining the benefits of web analytics and survey research in a single research platform. This revolutionary approach enables easier, faster, and more accurate online research results via low-overhead and highly automated research apps, opening up a new world of research possibilities. With the innovative Crowd Science Research Platform, proprietary SmartSample(TM) methodology, and growing suite of special-purpose research applications, Crowd Science is helping publishers, brands, agencies, and ad networks generate better insights that increase ad sales, inform editorial decisions, and demonstrate the ROI of marketing programs.

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