July 16, 2010

iPad Demand Still High

A new survey showed on Thursday that Apple Inc. has sold over three million iPads in just over three months, but there is still more demand out there.

America's Research Group said that while 8.4 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed had already purchased an iPad, another 6.1 percent said they planned to buy the device.

Britt Beemer, America's Research Group founder, said the fact that the number of people planning to buy an iPad is over 70 percent of those who have already bought is a good sign for a device that sells for at least $499.

The iPad is already selling faster than analysts expected.  Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu said in June after the device hit three million sales that he expected the company to sell 9.7 million in 2010.

The iPad question was amongst several Beemer asked consumers as part of a wider survey commissioned by Reuters.

Other questions asked found that 55.3 percent of those with children at home said they do not pay them an allowance.  Beemer said that number is low and shows a continuing decline from studies done in the past.  He told Reuters that in the 1970s, the number would have been about 80 percent and in the 1980s it was about 70 percent.

Most parents do not expect their children to spend money on back-to-school items.

About 85 percent of those surveyed with children said they do not ask their kids to spend their own money on back-to-school items.  Beemer said that in the 1990s, 38 percent of children spend their own money on these items.


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