July 17, 2010

Sharp Announces Recordable Blu-Ray Disc

Sharp announced Friday that it will release a recordable Blu-ray disc this month that can store as much as four seasons of a television series.

The Japanese electronic maker told AFP news that the world's first triple-layer disc has a capacity of 100 gigabytes, twice as much as the dual-layer discs on the market.

The disc will be available in Japan from July 30, with the price expected to be about $60 each.  The company also will sell recording machines compatible with the format.

Sharp said that the format allows users to record 12 hours of terrestrial digital television broadcasts, or 8.6 hours of satellite digital broadcasts.

Recording time can be made 10 times quicker if the image quality is lower.  This would also make it possible to store a library of four entire seasons of a TV drama on a single disc.


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