Puppets Continue to Insist They Buried $10,000

July 19, 2010

NEW YORK, July 19 /PRNewswire/ — A treasure chest containing ten thousand $1 US Mint coins is buried somewhere in New York City, according to www.welostourgold.com. On August 1st, the website will launch its first “webisode,” the first of eight videos that give clues to the viewer, revealing the treasure’s location.

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The website repeatedly claims that this is not a stunt, a hoax, or a contest. They have already posted two “trailer” videos, one of which shows the ten thousand $1 coins in full. A third trailer has just been released, promising to answer questions regarding this premise.

The “answers” come from four puppet pirates who are bad-tempered and clearly unhappy that viewers are being given the opportunity to seek out their treasure. The leader even threatens to stab the interviewer.

Although many blogs have been speculating that this may be a corporate marketing tactic, there appears to be no product tie-in or promotion involved. The premise seems to be a legitimate standalone entity. If viewers watch all eight videos, find the clues and solve the riddles, they can find the treasure chest. Last week MSNBC offered credence to this fact, with Tamron Hall interviewing the puppets on MSNBC TV. When asked by Tamron if this was for real, the Captain responded, “Of course it’s real. I had ta lift that chest…it weighed about 200 pounds…when you count the chest too.”

The only answers offered by www.welostourgold.com continue to come not from a corporation, or any promoted entity. They continue to come from pirates…puppet pirates.

“I works for the Captain!” said Mulligan, the ship’s first mate. “I wished I worked for a corporashukin though! I’d much rather work for Kevin Rose!!!”

Added his colleague Crothers: “I’ll work for anyone willing to pay me with beers. I’d also love to work for any company, big or small, who has a toilet. The kind with the running waters.”

Fellow pirate Tom declined to comment, the Captain having reportedly killed Tom’s Japanese translator over a motion picture disagreement. When questioned, the Captain appeared unwilling to deny the allegation.

“If ya says one more word in regards ta that turd of a film, I’ll chop yer face’k off, I said! An he said he couldn’t help it, that he were on Team Edwards, on accounts Edwards were so dreamy. So I told him I hoped the Vampires he’d meet in hell were sparkly too… and I chopped his face’k off. If any media type folk want somethin’ from Tom, they can speaks ta me. An they think I’s bein’ paid fer losin’ all me gold, they can sod right off.”

It is made adamantly clear that the viewer should NOT just start digging randomly in NYC. “Don’t just dig, ye codfish!” the Captain said in an earlier statement. “Tha spot be clearly marked! Diggin’ at randoms be pointless… and if one more swab asks me if it be in Central Park, I’ll cut his arms off! It ain’t there; an no, that ain’t a clue, ye buggers!”

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