July 21, 2010

Digital Content Through New ‘Watch Anywhere’ Plan

An assemblage of entertainment, technology and electronics companies announced their plans on Tuesday to bring a platform to the table that would allow users to buy digital content and then use it on multiple devices.

The group project, called "UltraViolet," will let consumers store movies and/or TV shows in a digital storage unit on the Web and then play it on almost any device of their choosing.

Companies like Motorola, Netflix, Comcast, LG, Microsoft, NBC Universal, Warner Bros. and more than 50 others are backing the venture. The companies are part of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE).

Major players in the venture include Apple -- which distributes movies, music and television media through its online iTunes.

"With UltraViolet, consumers will be able to purchase a title once, and enjoy it anywhere and anytime they wish," Thomas Gewecke, president of Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, told the AFP news agency.

DECE said UltraViolet will represent "a new way for consumers to have greater choice, confidence and freedom in how, when and where" they enjoy their digital content."

"UltraViolet will allow consumers to watch their digital entertainment across multiple platforms, such as connected TVs, personal computers, game consoles, smartphones and tablet PCs, in an easy, consistent way," DECE said.

DECE president Mitch Singer said: "Our goal is to firmly establish UltraViolet as the symbol for digital entertainment -- one that gives consumers the freedom of access wherever they are." Mitch Singer is also the chief technology officer for Sony Pictures Entertainment.

DECE says it will release technical specifications and licensing details for companies who want to take part in UltraViolet later this year.


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