July 23, 2010

Microsoft Sees Record Fourth-Quarter Revenue

Microsoft posted a record revenue total of $16.04 billion for the fourth quarter and netted $4.52 billion in profit, the company reported on Thursday.

According to Glenn Chapman of AFP, the Redmond, Washington-based technology firm "credited the strong sales figures in part to the successful launch of its latest-generation Office 2010 software and to continued strong demand for its new Windows 7 operating system."

"The popularity of its Xbox 360 videogame consoles and Bing's improving share of the Internet search market also contributed to the successful final quarter of its fiscal year," he adds.

For the fiscal year, the company posted a record $62.48 billion in revenue and $18.76 billion in profit.

"This quarter's record revenue reflects the breadth of our offerings and our continued product momentum," Microsoft chief financial officer Peter Klein told Chapman on Thursday. "The revenue growth, combined with our ongoing cost discipline, helped us achieve another quarter of margin expansion."

"We saw strong sales execution across all of our businesses, particularly in the enterprise with Windows 7 and Office 2010," added chief operating officer Kevin Turner. "It's been a great fiscal year and an outstanding fourth quarter"¦ [and] we look forward to continuing our product momentum this fall with the upcoming launches of Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Kinect."

Since Windows 7 went on sale in late 2009, the company has sold over 175 million licenses, according to Associated Press reports. Klein has called it the fastest selling computer OS in history and claims that it is currently running on at least 15-percent of the world's personal computers.

Furthermore, sales of the company's Xbox 360 video gaming console rose to 1.5 million during the quarter--a more than 25-percent increase over the previous fourth quarter--and membership in the Xbox Live online gaming service has topped 25 million.

A redesigned, slim version of the Xbox 360 outsold the popular Nintendo Wii console in June, moving over 450,000 units, according to NPD reports. The upcoming Kinect is a motion-controlled, controller-free gaming peripheral that will work with the Xbox 360 and will hit store shelves in November.


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